But unlike previous scandals, the medicalisation of gender non-conforming (GNC) young people has continued for years after clinicians first raised concerns.

Is this true? I have the impression that medical scandals normally unfold in agonising slow motion. The Thalidomide affair seems to be an exception, maybe because the severe consequences are apparent only months after patients take the drug.

This is a timeline of the vaginal mesh scandal: https://www.medicaldevice-network.com/features/transvaginal-mesh-timeline/

That's a minor quibble, it's a good article. But my impression is that this is unravelling quite rapidly, as these things go.

This is a good book to read. I made a thread on it a while back as there are lots of parallels. It took about three or four decades to recognise the immense harm across a few different demographics and for anyone to be held accountable.


Great article.

I remember reading years ago how Dr Paul McHugh (mentioned in article) stopped doing SRS at John’s Hopkins (pioneer of the modern sex reassignment surgery) because the outcomes were WORSE than prior to surgery.

Then the woke TRA tied pressured them into doing them again. (Or the hospital wanted $$ and didn’t care that it was bad medicine.