Sounds super healthy! Is this true or are they making it up?

https://archive.md/NyXuL Sounds super healthy! Is this true or are they making it up?


Osteoporosis can cause bone shrinkage, so I could believe it.

I can’t believe they’re happy about it. ‘Yay my bones are shrinking uwu’

It’s not a good thing!

They' re happy about inverting their penises, which is quite frankly one of the most horrifying surgeries I have ever read about.

I can believe they are happy about osteoporosis, as well.

Yeah… Curiosity got the best of me and I looked it up. The pictures are horrifying to say the least. But I think HRT is more common with AGPs than inverted penises are. They seem to hold on to those for the most part.

Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition (even if they deny it), it's not a normal healthy mental state of mind to be in.

I'll be happy for them tho. Go get that unhealthy body AGPs! :D

My first thought was actually that it would make them less of a threat. But the majority of TIMs are way bigger than women regardless of, erm … shrinkage.

Remember Donna and his shrinking feet? 😂

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That wasn’t the Donna from Feministe, was it? One of the horrible brutes who helped drive the women commenters away from We Hunted the Mammoth?

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I think that's a different Donna. The Donna I'm referring to is a frequent poster on r/MTF and was an oft-featured guest-star on the original r/itsafetish subreddit.

Doesn't taking estrogen prevents osteoporosis?

I don't know enough to answer that. I know there's no way it isn't making men who give themselves unnaturally high doses of it sick.

But let's be honest, TIMs are lying about their heights as part of their fetish so it doesn't really matter.

If it's caused by low estrogen, then yes. Hormonal imbalance can cause all kinds of issues, also depending on the sex. That's probably why cross-sex HRT for trans patients isn't even tested for efficacy and safety, because it would fail those tests.