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This is sad, but at least he isn’t setting women on fire because they won’t accept him as a lesbian like that guy with the flamethrower at a French Pride March the other day.

[–] hedy 11 points (+12|-1)

I get your point, it's utterly awful to go out and burn people because you can't tolerate their sexual orientation, but I have misgivings about rank-ordering terrible things, especially where mental illness is involved and there is apparently no evidence that this person attempted to use self-harm for manipulative purposes.

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Here are the videos of that incident. It was a flare not a flamethrower. And he didn't actually succeed in setting them on fire, but chased them away from the march by threatening them with the flare. Still disturbing. And no mention of this terroristic act in the media that I have seen.

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oh my gosh that's horrible :( male entitlement has a body count. those poor women.

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I don't think there are english news sources for this yet. It apparently happened today in a public place in Berlin. The reports all just talk about 'trans person' or 'human' with no reference to sex or gender, but in the link of this one for example you can see that in the URL it still says 'Mann' so it must have been a TIM. He survived with major burns. Apparently he didnt say anything just did it.

It's terrible of course that someone has mental problems intense enough to do something like this, but I can't wait to see how this will be twisted politically to claim the evil trans opression made him do it.

[–] somegenerichandle 17 points (+17|-0) Edited

The original tweet says he, and then the OP responded saying "she*" so I believe your assessment is correct.

And yeah, i didn't find anything else about this news story in English either.

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That must have been incredibly traumatizing for everyone involved. I hope he gets some actual help once he recovers physically.

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I'm sorry for anyone who has such severe mental health problems. Everyone deserves compassionate treatment and adequate care to promote good physical and mental health. I hope he gets the help he needs in the future.

[–] Gini 18 points (+18|-0)

A man age 40 used gasoline to set himself on fire. Someone from a nearby store immediately doused him with a fire extinguisher and the police and emergency team was quickly on the scene. He is hurt severely but not in critical condition. The police don't think its an extremist attack.

It's horrible but i'm glad he is not critical. Hopefully they can help him get better both mentally and physically.

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I just hope they don't put him in the women's wing of a mental hospital.

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German AND Arrested Development fan here. My honest first thought was: "Those homosexual are so flamboyant...makes me want to set myself on fire!"