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Cult-speak. The cult has its own language. The cult invents new terminology or euphemisms for many things. The cult may also redefine many common words to mean something quite different. Cult-speak is also called "bombastic redefinition of the familiar", or "loading the language".

"Trans women are women" "Birthing bodies" "Uterus Havers"

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  • The Guru is always right
  • You are always wrong.
  • No graduates
  • Cult speak
  • Group-think, Suppression of Dissent, and Enforced Conformity in Thinking
  • Irrationality
  • Suspension of disbelief
  • Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions, groups, or organizations.
  • Personal attacks on critics

Jeez, didn’t even have to follow the links to see how this applies to the trans cult!