Several years back, there was a great blog called Gay Not Queer. I miss it a lot. Anyone know if there's a connection?

There was also a blog called "queer is a slur" on Tumblr. I was thinking of it the other day because I'm so sick of the ,,Queer" crowd.

I am so unbelievably sorry that this man who, unlike "shero" Marsha P. Johnson, has indeed fought for LGB rights at Stonewall (and in many, MANY other situations) has to start all over again because a bunch of lunatics decided that his sexual orientation is unacceptable.

I am sure this is even worse than any other fight he had to go though in the past decades: at least back than it was all about conservatives, now it' s about conservatives AND "liberals".

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Stonewall rebellion veteran & co-founder of the first Gay Pride Parade, and a police Lieutenant openly protests local pride event in Burlington, Vermont.

I followed Fred on Twitter and was sad when he was banned (he's active on Facebook). Looks like he was wearing a "Women (noun): adult human female" t-shirt and had a "Gay... NOT Queer" sign.

On Fred's reason for becoming a police officer:

"I wanted to see if I could make a difference, and having seen the situation at Stonewall and how the NYPD handled that, I thought I could do it differently. Stonewall wasn't the only riot I saw. I'd been caught up in riots in the Village before and watched what the police did.”