What's with the the "reframe their trauma" business? What does that even mean? Why is it up to brutalised women to make changes?

Argh, why can't TIMs just get over themselves?

Like all these men he wants the most traumatised women to stop resisting and submit to further abuse by him and his crossdressing cohort.

What TIMs think it means is that transphobia (acknowledging the reality of biological sex) is a crime at least on the same level as rape, so no transphobia shall be committed trying to help victims of rape, hence the need to "reframe trauma". What it really means is brainwashing female victims of male violence to surrender their needs to the demands of men. I'm not a psychologist but I don't think misleading victims about the reality of a crime they suffered from is helpful.

It's not just TIMs.

Lots of men would get angry if a traumatized woman didn't want to be anywhere near him. He'd scream "NOT ALL MEN!"

Being really radical in our inclusion of those who are marginalised does not discriminate against those who have relative privilege in our society.

The narcissistic TIM believes women who are raped are privileged. 😡😡😡

How fucking disgusting Wadhwa really is so typically MALE it’s sickening.

Is there a way to petition to have him removed?

Seconding! He is a disgraceful piece of shit and I would gladly lend my signature to any petition related to his removal from this position. Which he never should have held in the first place.

[–] GoodGoneGirl 35 points Edited

”As Wadhwa explained:

You have large groups of survivors, some are not using our services because they see us as trans inclusive and feeling that they may be exposed to… er… to an issue that they are not prepared to deal with.”

They don’t want be exposed to a man and/or a fetish. God forbid allowing rape victims to have a safe space away from men🙄

[–] Rag3 27 points

You have large groups of survivors, some are not using our services because they see us as trans inclusive and feeling that they may be exposed to… er… to an issue that they are not prepared to deal with.”

The words you were looking for Mridul were: a male and penis.

Yes but he can’t say that because if he does, the public will side with rape victims and he can’t have that.

This piece of shit has done absolutely nothing to help women in all of his time serving as the CEO of this Center. It's becoming clear that he actually really does hate women and this is some way for him to punish them I suppose? This is not about trans, if you want a trans centered crisis center you need to go fucking build it yourself. What swamp did this guy crawl from seriously and how did he get this position? He absolutely disgusts me. I hate this guy he is the lowest of the low. He is a predator punishing rape victims for not bowing to his narcissistic delusion.

[–] OneStarWolf 21 points Edited

The stuff he said was so opposite world of what a women’s rape crisis shelter should be doing and saying. He was literally more concerned about misgendering the rapist and making sure to re-educate victims on gender ideology than actually centering women’s pain. He’s disgusting and using his position as a political cudgel to force submission from already victimized and vulnerable women. A disgusting, abusive predator of a man after all. Remove him already.

None of the mainstream media want to pick up this story. There would be more outrage if people knew what was going on. I haven't seen this sack of excrement talk on any subject other than how raped women need to submit to gender woo.

TIMs often reveal they are not only not women, but actually they truly hate women... Whenever I see something like this, I think of a scenario in which I would not be the appropriate woman for the job. eg I imagine if this was a refuge that offered Muslim specific services and I'm not a Muslim, not even religious. Or I imagine it's a support group for black women in particular and I'm not black. Etc.

The idea of trying to go in there and tell a group of women with specific needs what to do is mortifying to me, like I recoil in disgust at the thought of how rude and inappropriate it would be.

Wadhwa is a man. Obviously a man. But EVEN IF we played along with their metaphysical games. Even if we said some men are just a type of "woman with a penis" or whatever. This is a RAPE CRISIS CENTER. The biological realities dictate that he's not suitable for the role regardless of "gender identity". He will never know what it's like to be a woman who has been raped. He has a body type the same as the perpetrators.

If he actually cared about women, he would respect that his presence there is likely to make these women uncomfortable. There are SO MANY ways to support women that doesn't involve running a rape crisis shelter. He had so many other more appropriate avenues for providing support if that is actually what he wanted to do.

That's not at all what he wants to do. He's a sicko with a fetish who deliberately wants to further retraumatize women. Bottom of the barrel scum he is.

[–] shewolfoffrance 🦕 🦣 🦖 13 points

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it gives me the heebie-jeebies when there's talk of "cleansing" certain groups of people.

Yep, especially when TIMs have already threatened to “Zyklon-B terfs” and “genocide terfs.”

(Most people already know this, but Zyklon-B was the pesticide gas used to murder millions of people in the Holocaust.) :(

Oh, and then they also compare us to Nazis... like, lol, wtf? Insanity.

[–] shewolfoffrance 🦕 🦣 🦖 2 points

And they try to accuse the terven in general of being anti-Semitic. That accusation has no basis in fact, whatsoever.

I’ve seen them accuse Jewish radfems of being antisemitic Nazis... which is probably the worst and most insulting part. Women whose family members were murdered simply for being Jewish... its reprehensible for TRAs to say such things. I’m no longer surprised when they do, though. There are no lows to which they won’t stoop!!

There is a breath-taking cruelty in the framing of women who have been raped as “privileged” and, as Wadhwa went on to stress, that some (meaning trans identified men) are “more marginalised”. The blithe dismissal of women who have been raped or abused was a recurring theme of the talk.

Reminds me of when that TIM surgeon Bowers who did FGM repair surgery (I now believe it was to refine his techniques for neo-vaginoplasty on men) referred to the FGM survivors who were able to travel to him as "privileged" in an article about him.

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