TIMs often reveal they are not only not women, but actually they truly hate women... Whenever I see something like this, I think of a scenario in which I would not be the appropriate woman for the job. eg I imagine if this was a refuge that offered Muslim specific services and I'm not a Muslim, not even religious. Or I imagine it's a support group for black women in particular and I'm not black. Etc.

The idea of trying to go in there and tell a group of women with specific needs what to do is mortifying to me, like I recoil in disgust at the thought of how rude and inappropriate it would be.

Wadhwa is a man. Obviously a man. But EVEN IF we played along with their metaphysical games. Even if we said some men are just a type of "woman with a penis" or whatever. This is a RAPE CRISIS CENTER. The biological realities dictate that he's not suitable for the role regardless of "gender identity". He will never know what it's like to be a woman who has been raped. He has a body type the same as the perpetrators.

If he actually cared about women, he would respect that his presence there is likely to make these women uncomfortable. There are SO MANY ways to support women that doesn't involve running a rape crisis shelter. He had so many other more appropriate avenues for providing support if that is actually what he wanted to do.

That's not at all what he wants to do. He's a sicko with a fetish who deliberately wants to further retraumatize women. Bottom of the barrel scum he is.