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Damn, I'm brazilian and hadn't heard about it, though it's probably because I don't often check social media from my country.

I checked some tweets made by brazilian people to see if I found out more about it, some TRAs keep saying Aleta has a history of being transphobic and radfem (but they provide zero proof) and that either she insulted the TIM (whose first name is Manauara, won't post his surname to not be accused of doxx) or people felt unconfortable by her presence (because they knew she was a radfem) and then kicked her out. TRAs didn't provide proof about these things either. Then a TIM on instagram said she is transphobic because she says "I'm a woman, not a cis woman", and said this belief is extremely transphoic and violent.

This whole thing is too scary, women are being attacked in real life for no reason and no one will talk about it. If you do you are accused of transphobia too and most leftists also hate you.

Edit: to make myself clearer about her quote

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It's super scary. A woman will be attacked and that's taken as a proof that she's actually the guilty party. It's an abusive man's dream.