OK, so if I'm parsing this correctly, this is a male-bodied individual who doesn't perform femininity?

To paraphrase J.K. Rowling, isn't there a word for that? Mam? Mon? Ham?

Must be ham.

Man: the other white meat ™

Could also be a gender-confused butch woman who calls herself trans just because she's "non-binary." It seriously depends on the definition of trans being used. Some say that all non-binary people are trans regardless of transition...

r/butchlesbians has always kinda felt like a space for trans people instead of gnc lesbians, but this takes the cake. Some frustrated users made a new subreddit (r/actuallybutch) that I’m hoping will pick up steam and ideally not get banned

of course it will get banned. I'd start advertising Ovarit there immediately before they do. I honestly don't know why any women at all remain on that horrible platform. It's not women friendly, won't even allow women female only spaces. It's nothing but a giant male circle jerk.

It's a cesspit. I basically only lurked there out of boredom initially and now, lurk for screenshots of their insane takes and backwards logic to share here. But lately even just doing that makes me feel queasy.

You're spot on about them not being women friendly and I'll even take it further and say I feel like they're outright hostile towards women 98% of the time. It's rather scary how casual it all is, too.

I saw a video on r/publicfreakout yesterday where a teenage boy hit a girl so hard in the face, she lost consciousness and looked like she may have had a seizure toward the end of the video, while all of his (majority male) friends milled around and watched. One female friend tried to stand up for this girl, that was it, and I'm surprised that he didn't hit her as well.

Comment section seemed to be nothing but men debating on how much she deserved it, or why it was acceptable. Trying to justify their violence like well, if she didn't start it then she wouldn't have gotten hit, if she didn't deserve to be hit then someone would have stopped him, and on and fucking on. I could only skim it, honestly and had to give up.

That sub is a worse example given it's hugely male userbase but still, seeing shitty takes like that every day is enough to almost make lurking for TRA shit not even worth it.

and the worst thing about the platform is that each little "sub" becomes it's own tiny echo chamber that bans any dissenting (aka reasonable) opinion. Technology, imo, has been terrible for "free speech"

I’ve been on Reddit for 12-13 years now and it’s just become one big misogynist trans space that is 100% not safe for women, but so many women there have bought into gender woohoo or are themselves misogynist. I lurk in a few safe subreddits and rarely post unless it’s to point out blatant misogyny or talk about goldfish.

actuallylesbian hasn't been banned but i feel like it will be eventually because too many posters stand up against the alphabet movement

Lol I go there to lurk and sometimes point out how stupid genderism is. Getting banned a bunch last year and then stalked and dox by precious, innocent, fragile TIMs showed me just how much Reddit hates women.

Some people banned from here are back over there out of desperation :/

There aren't too many options around

Has anyone tried Giggle? I think that's supposed to be female only? I downloaded it but haven't looked at it much.

Sorry if this is insensitive, but why are people banned from here?

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Oh they allow female only spaces. They have to be for porn and prostitution though.

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I want all my trans sisters ... to be able to discuss their gender identity ... and how it plays into lesbianism as an ideal.

As an ideal

An ideal

Anyone else catch that little bit at the end?

Lesbianism as an ideal. Can we start striving for 'non-trans butch lesbians' as an ideal?

Can we start striving for 'non-trans butch lesbians' as an ideal?

Nooooo, that would be transphooooobic.

I'm sorry but people who are still trying on Reddit... well I won't say it.

The more you post on Reddit the more you make it a resource, the more you support the platform. I don't know why people who clearly know reddit is a misogynistic shithole use it and can't sacrifice a bit of convenience or whatever it is that keeps them on there. I liked a few subs and the community on there, but I dumped it when gc was banned. There's a bit of loss sure, but overall a small price to pay.

Non binary butch trans lesbian. That's a lot of words just to say 'man'.

'Heterosexual masculine man'

Oh look, a man is going to police women talking about men.


So another “transbian” intruding into women’s spaces and dictating how they should act. Misogyny never dies, just finds new ways to oppress and undermine. Thanks no thanks, Reddit.

"Hello, my penis is here ready to be a penis. Have you met my penis? Let's talk about my penis. My penis."

That sub has been all aboard the insanity (trans) train for at least a year and a half, idk what he’s talking about as far as “tRaNzFoBeEuH.” All lesbians (and women in general) who have voiced dissent on that sub have been promptly banned, and I’m pretty sure there’s been a “no terfs allowed” post stickied by mods at the top of the sub for that long. It’s why r/truebutch was created (then banned in the GC ban wave).

I’ve seen TIMs with beards call themselves “butch lesbians” and it’s disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is they call any woman a terf for not wanting to be with them, beards and all. Can’t wait til the world peaks and this trans shit is over. I hate these men.


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