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Lesbians are in danger because of the abortion bans

The only way this affects lesbians is victims of rape, because lesbians are not having voluntary sex with males. Straight and bisexual women are.

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Yep. And even some places that ban abortion still allow it in case of rape at least.

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Maybe lesbians who want to terminate a sperm donation injection/IVF. I bet the abortion bans will not allow women who need to terminate for health reasons or if she changes her mind. But yes you are right.

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the venn diagram of like masculinity, manhood, & lesbianism is often a circle

lesbians are men is not the progressive take this idiot thinks it is. she goes on to say that she is a queer man and also a dyke and that anyone that dates her is gay because she is genderqueer. and also that we should let men call themselves lesbians because gender roles are restrictive and we should support people labeling themselves however they want because they don't hurt anyone. all while denying that men use the lesbian label to prey on women.

her braincells have atrophied the way her vagina will after a couple years of testosterone, holy fucking shit.

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She's 18 and has likely not gone through puberty. So, what brain cells?

[–] winterghost 8 points (+8|-0)

if she went on blockers her brain cells straight up did not develop then, huh?

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This is easily among the most annoying takes that one hears repeatedly in the ‘queer’ community these days: ‘I’m non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid/etc. so anyone who’s attracted to me is gay 😈’

It doesn’t matter if someone has always dated members of the opposite sex, and perceives you as someone belonging to that sex in spite of whatever superficial attempts you’ve made to obscure that fact. If they fancy you, they’re now gay. Materialism is dead.

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When your user name is pronouns and your paypal info.. lmao How are these people real? How does anyone take them seriously?

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I'm going to confess something - every time I come across any of these weirdos with their PayPal, CashApp, etc in a prominent place, I send a request for money. Usually I include a supportive-looking emoji.

I'm just trying to see if they hit Accept so fast that they don't see it's a request.

I've made $5. It's a nice hobby.

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I legit think I could fleece these people out of thousands of dollars.

[–] RumHam 20 points (+20|-0)

Anime picture, self diagnosed mental problems listed in bio, lots of sad tweets about twansphobia and needing money for surgeries and moving away from your family of bigots. Honestly I bet it'd work lol

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A fellow professional RT'd this thread onto my timeline and I had to unfollow her. Imagine having a Ph.D. but still taking woke cues from insane 18 year old grifters - and worse, amplifying their deranged messages.

Home girl needs to drop the phone and get a job in the real world. I feel like young people who live their lives entirely online have no idea who’s in danger because they don’t move through the physical world to see things happening.

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But she can't get a job, because -- gestures at everything -- transphobia. 🤡

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Which is hilarious because I see more "transgenders" getting jobs than I do!

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It’s so weird how these types are so predictable. Cartoon pfp and listing absolutely every single thing that’s wrong with them in their bio. The bigger issue is how people that severely need help for their mental issues are becoming spokespeople for our communities while not even wanting to be in the community. She (or whatever the hell it is) is a self proclaimed lesbian but doesn’t even want to be a women. She’s got more things to worry about than young lesbians being exclusionary of males. It’s so bothersome to me that these people get hundreds of RTs while actual lesbians get shit on for knowing that predatory men actually are calling themselves lesbians to get in our spaces

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I think my eyes rolled so hard at the "I contain multitudes" part I am no longer capable of reading. Can someone help me out with a TLDR?

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lesbians are in real, genuine danger - but we're not in danger because of labels or wiki articles


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Um........ Did this fool just say that lesbians are in danger because conversion therapy has not been banned, AND THEN go on to talk about how "trans/male" lesbians are not a threat and to dismiss the idea of males calling themselves lesbians, because "predators gonna predator"?

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Another self-hating brainwashed teen girl. Yeesh. It's really insidious that TRAs groom so many children into their cult. They get teenagers to permanently self-harm themselves and regurgitate bullshit like this. I would not be the least bit surprised if in 2-5 years this girl comes out as a detransitioner, suddenly realizing the error of her ways and how she was so influenced by social media.

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And I feel bad for them because they're posting it all online, which is going to fuck up their ability to date and find work.

At least when I did stupid things as a teenager, the whole world didn't know about it.

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TL;DR: "WAH! Teenage lesbians aren't sucking cock! And that's oppression somehow!!! Also donate money to my GoFundMe!!!!"

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