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Gnarls Narwhal, the mascot for The New School, has come out as non-binary. The plushy narwhal made the announcement in a tweet from the school’s account. Gnarls has also debuted a new look for the school year, now donning glasses and a happier, more self-actualized facial expression.

Well, we already have non-binary bison, non-binary unicorns, non-binary dolphins, and transgender beavers with mastectomy scars. What's a narwhal to add to the list?

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Non-bisonary. Bison and Buffalo aren’t two different species, it’s a spectrum. 🤪

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Glasses are nonbinary now?

[–] Srfthrowaway 3 points (+3|-0)

Niece wears fake ones as part of being envy or whatever, so yeah.

[–] crispycherrypie 2 points (+2|-0)

Back in my day you were called “four eyes” and “lazy eyes” for needing to wear them, smh

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...When did all the other ones happen? Do I even want to know?

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I looked at the links and I don't even know what to say. Saying it's culty and creepy feels like an understatement.

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Wait. Wait. Waaaait. Is this for real? They keep serving up nuttiness for the right to take and run with. Edit: I can't tell anymore bc it's all a clown show 🤡🤪

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Apparently so. I would be more upset if this was a school for children, but at least it's a university. Thank God for small favors.

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I'm torn on this. Glad it's not yet another grooming thing... But what do we make of a university fixated on the imaginary gender of a plush toy? I mean, people really are infantilized well into their adulthood it seems. Societal Peter Pan syndrome. Who is going to do the "serious adult business" making laws, erecting bridges, passing legal judgments, raising kids? Perpetual impetuous children who live in a cartoon fantasy land? More importantly who's going to fight bad laws and judgments, or hold those who violate construction safety codes accountable? Probably not passive, addled, distracted children.

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I don't know if you've noticed, but the world is already a mess in which bad things happen all the time because people are egocentric and mean. The world is unlikely to fall apart more as a result of this nonsense. It's also not going to improve.

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Ugh. I'm applying to NYU right now, but I've started to consider withdrawing my application after learning how PC it was. They have a "zero tolerance policy" over ther for what is vaguely defined as "hate." I doubt they would take my "misgendering" very well...

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Pretty much any liberal, secular university is going to be on the TRA train.

The atmosphere has got to be much worse with those that are known to be very liberal. You could probably avoid it by choosing a religious college or one that's extremely small and rural, like mine was. They're usually cheaper, too, but they don't come with the same prestige.

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Wow. That's nauseating.

The New School used to be a respectable and admirable institution for creative learning. For young adults.

The infantilization continues...

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My gosh. I just cringed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. Why are they aiming this **** at young, impressionable adults?