What is upsetting me now is what I learned from reading a bit on British Labour. I'm not an expert on current UK politics, so someone who knows better, please set me straight.

But what I got is that they will accept sex-segregated spaces, women's toilets and men's toilets WITH a kicker: They will redefine what "women" and "men" mean.

They will say "A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman" -- which includes MEN.

Then they will say "We have sex-segregated facilities! We didn't take anything AWAY from you! We just INCLUDED more WOMEN. We included ALL women! We kept sex-segregated facilities and INCLUDED all women!"

So you can go right on saying "woman" as long as it includes XY with a fetish.

Now that men can get legal paperwork that says FEMALE, female-only spaces can't exist, no matter what you call them.