That data will be pointless, useless and unusable. This is serious. This will mess up things and will cost people their lives. It is madness indeed, especially after replacing that with questions about gender identity that are frankly useless in medicine and to ones biological reality. What a horror shitshow.

[–] OneStarWolf 13 points Edited

Crazy that they know the stats will be fucked but they don’t care. Accurate and measurable data on STDs and how it affects both sexes and sexual orientations?? Nope! It’s all sacrificed at the alter of the gender gods now. Insanity. If biological definitions mean nothing and anyone can claim anything then this new data will be worthless. Why bother.

This has the potential to lead to another legal case similar to the one FPFW brought against the ONS (and won). Only this time there's a good chance gay men will be bringing it.