The "Harry Potter" author conflated sex with gender and defended ideas suggesting that changing one's biological sex was a threat to her own gender identity.

That’s.. not what she said at all, but okay 😂

[–] DraDra [OP] 60 points Edited

Yea, fuck that.. I am going to email them to make a correction. The entire point of JKR’s article was to critique trans activism’s conflation of sex and gender— and how the consequences of that conflation harms women.

Even more specifically, her post was critiquing the conflation of sex & gender in law. It was very specifically about laws surrounding rights to single-sex spaces and child safeguarding laws. Her point had nothing to do with anyone's individual choices, it didn't even have to do with the right to transition. It's disturbing that this kind of blatantly dishonest reporting is so common now. And that's assuming it's even dishonest. We know some didn't bother reading the post at all because it's So uNSaFe, and just swiped a summary from some actually dishonest person who did read it.

These folks have a tendency to misrepresent what she says because they know that their readers were too afraid or too pissed to read it themselves. People these days just refuse to read things that may differ from their own politics or opinions and that makes it all the more difficult to get the truth out.

[–] SamuraiGhostCat 18 points Edited

JKR (and every other GC person) doesn’t have a gender identity, though.
God, TRAs are such liars.

Um, excuse me, I do have a gender identity.

I identify as a Terfwoman.

You know, like Transwoman.

But Terfier.

Also it can't BE a threat since you can't change biological sex, what a dumbass take. JKR doesn't have a gEnDeR iDEnTitY, she's a woman, pure and simple. Did they miss that whole wimpund woomud discourse or

[–] [Deleted] 71 points Edited

So full disclaimer, Chappelle is misogynistic. He has some good points and is sometimes funny, but only tolerable in small doses.

I watched the part w/ JK Rowling and TERF and woah. He said that as soon as he had white people (he means men, he's so misogynistic that its obvious person is man to him) by the ropes, they switched up and said now I'm a girl, and you must call me that. He basically came out and said, under the cover of jokes, that it's white men, who actually have power, now trying to call themselves women so they can say people are punching down on them.

That does sound pretty terfy 😂

I like it.

From some of the stuff he was saying, I'm convinced he did some research reading here. He said he Google Terf to see what it was after he was called it (I had to laugh at that bc thats how most people find out they're Team Terf). He talked about "woman face" and Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year being an insult. Don't get me wrong, it all was from a misogynistic male perspective, though.

I think we can all agree that Chappelle is someone who would have had no problem saying "people, the fat, ugly emperor is fucking naked and ya'll are crazy if you can't see that."

I'm sure he read up on the JKR stuff especially but I would guess he always thought it was obvious bullshit.

I watched it last night and you could just tell he wanted to say more and that he postponed the TERF bit towards the end because he knew the audience were Woke™ as they went complete silent when he said that he was team TERF.

But it’s a problem no matter who perpetrates it. I’m not satisfied with leaving it at “another white side,” because others are just as responsible for transfoolery.

Opinion is fair but idk about this “full disclaimer.” Obviously aren’t a fan of this comedian, and your interpretation shows that you don’t follow him. It’s obviously fine not to be a fan but you miss significant context drawing on your own assumptions and experience. If you have watched Dave Chappelle throughout his career, you would know that he has always done the “white guy voice” bit - it’s not that he’s assuming white people are men - he’s been doing this same bit forever and fans recognize it immediately. Not only that, the joke is also commentary on the fact that many of these white men who would have been on the bottom tier of the oppression olympics are identifying as women and then society acts like you have to participate in their self image or you’re harming them. They shoot right to the top, interressssting. All things which I find easy to agree with.

I really don’t find comedy style to give a true barometer of someone being truly misogynistic, more like what they believe about women in real life. A lot of comedy is commentary on stereotypes and issues we see in real life, it’s offensive by nature.

Just finished watching it myself. Chappelles focus is solely prioritizing black male struggles and rights and he loves his misogynist jokes. It’s good he also has put a light on the gender nonsense and brought up JK Rowling. One of his best parts was when explaining to the audience what a terf was. He said it’s not that radfems hate trans women, its just that it’s insulting and claiming a status that men don’t deserve. He equated it to how black people are insulted by black face and that Trans women are the black face of women. Very apt comparison, and I’m glad he said it because it’s an easy to understand comparison for people to reason through.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 33 points

It's also good that he as a black man said it. Because he's "allowed to". Whenever a non-black woman dares to make that comparison, she gets attacked, because apparently it's somehow completely preposterous to compare the struggles of sexism to those of racism. I've seen that happen even on Ovarit and the old r/GC.

So, yeah. I don't care for him too much these days, because as you said all he cares about is black male struggle while regularly making misogynist jokes. But good for him that he brought this up despite his usual focus. Can only help the cause.

(Also, for the record, I do love some of his older stuff. "Clayton Bigsby" is a legend.)

Hell, even when Black women make the comparison, we get called c*ons. For some reason, there’s this big push to prevent women of any kind from comparing transgenderism to transracialism when the onset of both issues had serious effects on women.

I loved the blackface comparison. That was brilliant and spot on. I recall a recent post by a TIM talking about putting "woman" on and going to a strip club and being treated as a woman like being a women is, as I phrased it, "a tourist destination."

I had a former friend say to me once, he was telling me a story about how his parents refused to call him she/her or his new chosen name or daughter instead of son, and he said he was so frustrated because he even "womaned" that day and "femaled" that day by wearing makeup and a skirt and shaving. it was one of the many things he said that eventually fully peaked me, as in stopped thinking there were exceptions to TIMs being misogynistic shits. I thought he was a "good one".

The black face comparison is what is sending TRA's wild from what I can see. Despite it being a perfect comparison and simple to understand, TRA's are acting disgusted that you could even compare it to a racial issue.

It's hilarious because it's so true and that's why they're so mad. Black face took YEARS for people to come to terms with and realize how dehumanizing it was. And like always, women's issue lag behind racial ones, so it will take more years to come to term with the fact that drag queens and trans women putting on a women costume as a form of entertainment, kink, or degradation are the exact same thing.

I am going to give him a lot of credit for the exposure he is putting on this issue. He's considered a top comic of all time and he's drawing attention to our fight. I have to be thankful for that despite the misogynistic things he said, This exposure to the trans bullshit is a win.

I agree. I hope more people Google Terf so they can see how crazy it's gotten.

Reddit is generally a big fan of Chappelle and I've been trying to see what they have to say about this and it's crickets so far. I can't find any posts on this topic. Not even in r/davechappelle

Same. My husband said oh well he better prepare to get cancelled when I told him about the special.

Chappelle appears to be immune for his total disregard for what the mainstream wants him to think. After he quit his Comedy Central show he knows he doesn’t need or want to suck up to “make it”.

He is a misogynist but lots of men are. No excuse. Just, it’s true.

They're talking about it a little more now. I've joined in on the discussion myself.

I love Dave Chappelle. I know some on this board can’t stand him because of previous sexist comments, and I respect their views. But in my own life, Dave’s comedy has always brought me joy through very dark times and I am a huge fan. His willingness to speak truth to power is unparalleled and a much needed light in this world.

The bar for men, and especially famous men, is so low that given that (afaik) he is is not violent or has sexually harassed women... he gets into my "meh" category

I have seen enough articles calling out his misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, etc..than I have seen for many other comedians actors that DID horrible things

Previous sexist comments?

All throughout the special he refers to women as bitches, talks about beating up a lesbian, and makes a point about how no men would want to rape an ugly "dyke".

This man is practicing some high-tier misogyny.

Yes, I feel the same way. I love him. I think it’s not as simple to dismiss him as a misogynist; I think his stuff is deeper than that.

[–] DraDra [OP] 25 points Edited

I keep seeing people commenting that he’s sexist and a big bad misogynist.. no shit but that is entirely irrelevant. He just put out cause on blast to millions of people who will be looking for more info on these terfs and what they stand for. We should doing everything to make use of this attention to put the right information in front of people

[–] crodish 16 points Edited

Same. The "you should know he's a misogynist" gives "jsyk this post was made by a terf" vibes. Like yeah people are obviously gonna be problematic but that shouldn't discredit or invalidate the point they are trying to make.

I understand the concern though because then we're rightly worried about far left extremists and stuff agreeing with us and by association, etc, but... then that's the whole "the nazis also know what a woman is" argument, isn't it? Broken clock twice a day etc.

Edit: funny thing is this was actually made fun of on the special. He made a joke about not knowing why feminists think he's misogynistic and then calls them "b!tches" in the same sentence lmao. He damn well knows why, but he's being offensive for a reason. It's offensive comedy.

It also goes to show how Rowling has brought this discussion more mainstream. Chappelle is already paying attention because of the backlash he’s received in the past. Now he is talking about TERFs.

What a world to live in. Support comes from interesting places.

I told my partner the special had dropped because I found out on ovarit. His timeline didn't have a single mention.

It’s the first thing that pops up on Netflix and has been trending at #1 in the US but there has relative silence about it on social media

This seems to fit with his no-nonsense approach to life. Good for him!

I loved it. He's an amazing comedian. And I agree with him 100% about the MeToo movement, and modern "feminism;" he was talking about liberal feminism (or "choice feminism," which is what my sister prefers to call it, to distinguish the academic theory of liberal feminism from the performative, consumerist, analysis-free choice feminism), which is entirely performative, and rather pathetic. It has no teeth at all when naming and standing up to male violence- as he apparently and quite vociferously thinks blacks should stand up to whites (and rightly so)- and he says so; well, he's right.

So maybe when he read the TERF rhetoric, he realized there are some women who know how to fight back after all. This is mainly because he doesn't know much about feminism (which is why he said "gender is real," rather than "sex is real"- bringing up the salient point that the neophyte to this argument still doesn't know the difference between sex and gender in this fight, because they're stuck in the time when "gender" was a polite euphemism for sex- this is the average person, still!!! When all this shit is going on!!! Which shows how rarified this fight has been, and it's bursting into the mainstream now).

Of course, he meant "sex." And he agrees with us. And he knows why. It is insulting as hell that fucking Bruce Jenner, who said, I quote, "the hardest thing about being a woman is choosing what to wear," that fucking joke, after his record-breaking Olympic career in a sport in which women cannot compete, after fathering six children, can get elaborate surgery, pose on the cover of a magazine as the image in his mind of a sexy woman, and receive the title "Woman of the Year" is slap in the face.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. It seems, from another portion of his routine, that he doesn't know about autogynephiles. Hoo boy.

I am glad to have him on our side. Yeah, he's insulting. That's his routine; he started off with an (actually great) idea for a movie about aliens who are humans who left Earth long ago returning to reclaim it, titled "Space Jews." So of course he calls women bitches and makes fun of their looks. That's his shtick, that nothing's sacred. I presume he'd return the favor and tolerate racist jokes, in that case, though he doesn't make them himself- but that seems to be his shtick.

One of his jokes was about abducting and murdering a woman. That's not a misogynist joke. It's a commentary on the fact that men abduct and murder women all the time in our society.

He's on our side, and he's a determined iconoclast who just threw down the gauntlet to the TQ community. Good for him.

I been thinking about his metoo comment and how he ran away to africa...

Its not like women can run away to a continent run by women. Wtf

[–] momofreyrella 23 points Edited

"I thought feminist meant frumpy dyke"

Edit: from the special

I ugly snorted at that

Lucky!! I got angry lol😠 😡

Lmao, me too. And the last thing Dave is is a feminist. That's a punchline in and of itself. I didn't watch the while thing but I read he made a joke about beating up a butch lesbian. I guess equal rights for women include getting to beat us up like we're men.

If "Dave" was "Dana," he would be much worse for the wear here. Regardless, I'm glad he's open about the label as it will help call attention to what's happening and maybe help reduce the stigma.

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