I loved it. He's an amazing comedian. And I agree with him 100% about the MeToo movement, and modern "feminism;" he was talking about liberal feminism (or "choice feminism," which is what my sister prefers to call it, to distinguish the academic theory of liberal feminism from the performative, consumerist, analysis-free choice feminism), which is entirely performative, and rather pathetic. It has no teeth at all when naming and standing up to male violence- as he apparently and quite vociferously thinks blacks should stand up to whites (and rightly so)- and he says so; well, he's right.

So maybe when he read the TERF rhetoric, he realized there are some women who know how to fight back after all. This is mainly because he doesn't know much about feminism (which is why he said "gender is real," rather than "sex is real"- bringing up the salient point that the neophyte to this argument still doesn't know the difference between sex and gender in this fight, because they're stuck in the time when "gender" was a polite euphemism for sex- this is the average person, still!!! When all this shit is going on!!! Which shows how rarified this fight has been, and it's bursting into the mainstream now).

Of course, he meant "sex." And he agrees with us. And he knows why. It is insulting as hell that fucking Bruce Jenner, who said, I quote, "the hardest thing about being a woman is choosing what to wear," that fucking joke, after his record-breaking Olympic career in a sport in which women cannot compete, after fathering six children, can get elaborate surgery, pose on the cover of a magazine as the image in his mind of a sexy woman, and receive the title "Woman of the Year" is slap in the face.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. It seems, from another portion of his routine, that he doesn't know about autogynephiles. Hoo boy.

I am glad to have him on our side. Yeah, he's insulting. That's his routine; he started off with an (actually great) idea for a movie about aliens who are humans who left Earth long ago returning to reclaim it, titled "Space Jews." So of course he calls women bitches and makes fun of their looks. That's his shtick, that nothing's sacred. I presume he'd return the favor and tolerate racist jokes, in that case, though he doesn't make them himself- but that seems to be his shtick.

One of his jokes was about abducting and murdering a woman. That's not a misogynist joke. It's a commentary on the fact that men abduct and murder women all the time in our society.

He's on our side, and he's a determined iconoclast who just threw down the gauntlet to the TQ community. Good for him.

I been thinking about his metoo comment and how he ran away to africa...

Its not like women can run away to a continent run by women. Wtf