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So full disclaimer, Chappelle is misogynistic. He has some good points and is sometimes funny, but only tolerable in small doses.

I watched the part w/ JK Rowling and TERF and woah. He said that as soon as he had white people (he means men, he's so misogynistic that its obvious person is man to him) by the ropes, they switched up and said now I'm a girl, and you must call me that. He basically came out and said, under the cover of jokes, that it's white men, who actually have power, now trying to call themselves women so they can say people are punching down on them.

That does sound pretty terfy 😂

I like it.

From some of the stuff he was saying, I'm convinced he did some research reading here. He said he Google Terf to see what it was after he was called it (I had to laugh at that bc thats how most people find out they're Team Terf). He talked about "woman face" and Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year being an insult. Don't get me wrong, it all was from a misogynistic male perspective, though.

I think we can all agree that Chappelle is someone who would have had no problem saying "people, the fat, ugly emperor is fucking naked and ya'll are crazy if you can't see that."

I'm sure he read up on the JKR stuff especially but I would guess he always thought it was obvious bullshit.