Just finished watching it myself. Chappelles focus is solely prioritizing black male struggles and rights and he loves his misogynist jokes. It’s good he also has put a light on the gender nonsense and brought up JK Rowling. One of his best parts was when explaining to the audience what a terf was. He said it’s not that radfems hate trans women, its just that it’s insulting and claiming a status that men don’t deserve. He equated it to how black people are insulted by black face and that Trans women are the black face of women. Very apt comparison, and I’m glad he said it because it’s an easy to understand comparison for people to reason through.

It's also good that he as a black man said it. Because he's "allowed to". Whenever a non-black woman dares to make that comparison, she gets attacked, because apparently it's somehow completely preposterous to compare the struggles of sexism to those of racism. I've seen that happen even on Ovarit and the old r/GC.

So, yeah. I don't care for him too much these days, because as you said all he cares about is black male struggle while regularly making misogynist jokes. But good for him that he brought this up despite his usual focus. Can only help the cause.

(Also, for the record, I do love some of his older stuff. "Clayton Bigsby" is a legend.)

Hell, even when Black women make the comparison, we get called c*ons. For some reason, there’s this big push to prevent women of any kind from comparing transgenderism to transracialism when the onset of both issues had serious effects on women.

I loved the blackface comparison. That was brilliant and spot on. I recall a recent post by a TIM talking about putting "woman" on and going to a strip club and being treated as a woman like being a women is, as I phrased it, "a tourist destination."

I had a former friend say to me once, he was telling me a story about how his parents refused to call him she/her or his new chosen name or daughter instead of son, and he said he was so frustrated because he even "womaned" that day and "femaled" that day by wearing makeup and a skirt and shaving. it was one of the many things he said that eventually fully peaked me, as in stopped thinking there were exceptions to TIMs being misogynistic shits. I thought he was a "good one".

He wasn't comparing "woman face" to "black face" himself, he was saying this is what some radical feminists believe and he used a slightly mocking tone. He brings it up, which is good, but undermines the comparison by immediately distancing himself from it.

The black face comparison is what is sending TRA's wild from what I can see. Despite it being a perfect comparison and simple to understand, TRA's are acting disgusted that you could even compare it to a racial issue.

It's hilarious because it's so true and that's why they're so mad. Black face took YEARS for people to come to terms with and realize how dehumanizing it was. And like always, women's issue lag behind racial ones, so it will take more years to come to term with the fact that drag queens and trans women putting on a women costume as a form of entertainment, kink, or degradation are the exact same thing.