Just finished watching it myself. Chappelles focus is solely prioritizing black male struggles and rights and he loves his misogynist jokes. It’s good he also has put a light on the gender nonsense and brought up JK Rowling. One of his best parts was when explaining to the audience what a terf was. He said it’s not that radfems hate trans women, its just that it’s insulting and claiming a status that men don’t deserve. He equated it to how black people are insulted by black face and that Trans women are the black face of women. Very apt comparison, and I’m glad he said it because it’s an easy to understand comparison for people to reason through.

He wasn't comparing "woman face" to "black face" himself, he was saying this is what some radical feminists believe and he used a slightly mocking tone. He brings it up, which is good, but undermines the comparison by immediately distancing himself from it.