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I keep seeing people commenting that he’s sexist and a big bad misogynist.. no shit but that is entirely irrelevant. He just put out cause on blast to millions of people who will be looking for more info on these terfs and what they stand for. We should doing everything to make use of this attention to put the right information in front of people

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Same. The "you should know he's a misogynist" gives "jsyk this post was made by a terf" vibes. Like yeah people are obviously gonna be problematic but that shouldn't discredit or invalidate the point they are trying to make.

I understand the concern though because then we're rightly worried about far left extremists and stuff agreeing with us and by association, etc, but... then that's the whole "the nazis also know what a woman is" argument, isn't it? Broken clock twice a day etc.

Edit: funny thing is this was actually made fun of on the special. He made a joke about not knowing why feminists think he's misogynistic and then calls them "b!tches" in the same sentence lmao. He damn well knows why, but he's being offensive for a reason. It's offensive comedy.

It also goes to show how Rowling has brought this discussion more mainstream. Chappelle is already paying attention because of the backlash he’s received in the past. Now he is talking about TERFs.

What a world to live in. Support comes from interesting places.