The "Harry Potter" author conflated sex with gender and defended ideas suggesting that changing one's biological sex was a threat to her own gender identity.

That’s.. not what she said at all, but okay 😂

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Yea, fuck that.. I am going to email them to make a correction. The entire point of JKR’s article was to critique trans activism’s conflation of sex and gender— and how the consequences of that conflation harms women.

Even more specifically, her post was critiquing the conflation of sex & gender in law. It was very specifically about laws surrounding rights to single-sex spaces and child safeguarding laws. Her point had nothing to do with anyone's individual choices, it didn't even have to do with the right to transition. It's disturbing that this kind of blatantly dishonest reporting is so common now. And that's assuming it's even dishonest. We know some didn't bother reading the post at all because it's So uNSaFe, and just swiped a summary from some actually dishonest person who did read it.

These folks have a tendency to misrepresent what she says because they know that their readers were too afraid or too pissed to read it themselves. People these days just refuse to read things that may differ from their own politics or opinions and that makes it all the more difficult to get the truth out.

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JKR (and every other GC person) doesn’t have a gender identity, though.
God, TRAs are such liars.

Um, excuse me, I do have a gender identity.

I identify as a Terfwoman.

You know, like Transwoman.

But Terfier.

Also it can't BE a threat since you can't change biological sex, what a dumbass take. JKR doesn't have a gEnDeR iDEnTitY, she's a woman, pure and simple. Did they miss that whole wimpund woomud discourse or