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The more I think about the black face comparison the more it makes me feel MESSED UP. It is such a good parallel. What do we think about when we think about black face? As a white woman I see it as growing in a time when white people felt uneasy about the increasing call for “acceptance” of black people socially and in industries. They wanted to simultaneously blow off steam about it, mock it, and felt entitled to acting like “haha see I get it I can do whatever they can do” and if they are going to start having their story told well GUESS WHAT I get to have my say in it too! I can play them, I can pretend to be them, I’m going to perform what I think they are. And surprise surprise what that is turns out to be a sick farce that can only be “accepted” as normal and ignored or hated with a passion.

That is a MAJOR part of the issue with TiMs. Is it really a coincidence that although “TrAnS HaVe ExiSteD ForEVER” they only grew exponentially when culturally it became in vogue to care about what women might think or feel, to openly admit and applaud your appreciation for women’s bodies and sexual acts, talks about “energy” and “vibes” and the “divine feminine”, holding men accountable more, and on and on…THENNNNN it suddenly becomes irresistible for a man who might have otherwise been closeted gay or simply fetishized being dominated sexually to LITERALLY BE A WOMAN? Men suddenly need to be the bastions of womanhood as soon as you see the face of feminism barely break water and start gasping for air? It absolutely is our moment of blackface. And I hope that just like that we feel sick about it in a hundred years.

For context I think it helps to remember Dave is Muslim. He will never be on board with gender theory/magical thinking. And he does have fairly regressive views on women in relation to men- as most religious men do. I think as a comic he aims to be provocative and has maintained a throughline of raising awarness on the Black experience for 25 years. I do enjoy his comedy, but I expect the sexism that comes with it

I am watching the show right now and lmao. Thank goodness there's at least one comedian out there that's still funny.

Well, he's confused. Gender is not a fact. Sex is fact, gender is garbage.

I love Chappelle, and this is a HUGE win. Can't wait to see if someone tries to call him a 'white feminist'. Ha.

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I keep seeing people commenting that he’s sexist and a big bad misogynist.. no shit but that is entirely irrelevant. He just put out cause on blast to millions of people who will be looking for more info on these terfs and what they stand for. We should doing everything to make use of this attention to put the right information in front of people

I told my partner the special had dropped because I found out on ovarit. His timeline didn't have a single mention.

It’s the first thing that pops up on Netflix and has been trending at #1 in the US but there has relative silence about it on social media

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Same. The "you should know he's a misogynist" gives "jsyk this post was made by a terf" vibes. Like yeah people are obviously gonna be problematic but that shouldn't discredit or invalidate the point they are trying to make.

I understand the concern though because then we're rightly worried about far left extremists and stuff agreeing with us and by association, etc, but... then that's the whole "the nazis also know what a woman is" argument, isn't it? Broken clock twice a day etc.

Edit: funny thing is this was actually made fun of on the special. He made a joke about not knowing why feminists think he's misogynistic and then calls them "b!tches" in the same sentence lmao. He damn well knows why, but he's being offensive for a reason. It's offensive comedy.

It also goes to show how Rowling has brought this discussion more mainstream. Chappelle is already paying attention because of the backlash he’s received in the past. Now he is talking about TERFs.

What a world to live in. Support comes from interesting places.

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Please email USA Today to request a correction: accuracy@usatoday.com.

The writer deliberately misrepresents Rowling’s views about sex and gender which really pisses me off. Her essay was essentially an argument against the erroneous conflation of sex and gender that pervades public discourse around these issues and the harmful consequences it..

Even better if JKs team of lawyers gets on it. Lately TRAs have been deleting libelous tweets and issuing apologies after being contacted by her team.

I loved it. He's an amazing comedian. And I agree with him 100% about the MeToo movement, and modern "feminism;" he was talking about liberal feminism (or "choice feminism," which is what my sister prefers to call it, to distinguish the academic theory of liberal feminism from the performative, consumerist, analysis-free choice feminism), which is entirely performative, and rather pathetic. It has no teeth at all when naming and standing up to male violence- as he apparently and quite vociferously thinks blacks should stand up to whites (and rightly so)- and he says so; well, he's right.

So maybe when he read the TERF rhetoric, he realized there are some women who know how to fight back after all. This is mainly because he doesn't know much about feminism (which is why he said "gender is real," rather than "sex is real"- bringing up the salient point that the neophyte to this argument still doesn't know the difference between sex and gender in this fight, because they're stuck in the time when "gender" was a polite euphemism for sex- this is the average person, still!!! When all this shit is going on!!! Which shows how rarified this fight has been, and it's bursting into the mainstream now).

Of course, he meant "sex." And he agrees with us. And he knows why. It is insulting as hell that fucking Bruce Jenner, who said, I quote, "the hardest thing about being a woman is choosing what to wear," that fucking joke, after his record-breaking Olympic career in a sport in which women cannot compete, after fathering six children, can get elaborate surgery, pose on the cover of a magazine as the image in his mind of a sexy woman, and receive the title "Woman of the Year" is slap in the face.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. It seems, from another portion of his routine, that he doesn't know about autogynephiles. Hoo boy.

I am glad to have him on our side. Yeah, he's insulting. That's his routine; he started off with an (actually great) idea for a movie about aliens who are humans who left Earth long ago returning to reclaim it, titled "Space Jews." So of course he calls women bitches and makes fun of their looks. That's his shtick, that nothing's sacred. I presume he'd return the favor and tolerate racist jokes, in that case, though he doesn't make them himself- but that seems to be his shtick.

One of his jokes was about abducting and murdering a woman. That's not a misogynist joke. It's a commentary on the fact that men abduct and murder women all the time in our society.

He's on our side, and he's a determined iconoclast who just threw down the gauntlet to the TQ community. Good for him.

I been thinking about his metoo comment and how he ran away to africa...

Its not like women can run away to a continent run by women. Wtf

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I like what he said during the JK Rowling part, but was anyone else pissed off about the bathroom bit. He was like he doesn't care or feel protected regarding the bathroom issue. He used an example about a TW pulling out his dick at the urinal vs a TM using it. I wanted to hit him upside the head bc the bathroom issue isn't about men feeling safer, its about US. Women in the men's room isn't an issue for men, but men in the women's room is an issue for us. WE don't want to see dick there. WE don't want to be made to feel uncomfortable by an AGP man. And I was also annoyed by all the "I'm not transphobic and I love trans people" disclaimers he had to put in there. He never does that when he makes mean jokes about women. But it's the perspective of a misogynistic man where men are the actual people. He has to make sure TW know he's not transphobic bc he knows he's talking to his fellow men, the actual real people whose feelings matter.

I just had to get that vent out. Either way, I hope more people Google Terf and she the fuckery that's really going on.

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For those wondering what Chapelle said in the special, the bit starts to build up at 34 minutes, really long build up, and at 52 minutes he mentions JK Rowling. He then goes on to a story about a TIM who he let open for him Daphne. Someone he liked as a person. The TIM defended Chappelle on twitter and ofcourse got harrassed by the TRAs for days. Daphne killed himself.

I doubt the TRAs will make a big deal out of it because then they will have to face the part where they hounded a TIM to death.

I audibly gasped when he got to the part where Daphne killed himself after getting harassed by TRAs. Sick, sick people.

a local TIM in my community was well known for makeup tutorials on youtube. his exwife demanded he stop because his kids were getting teased at school, so he lovingly did, because his kids were more important.

TRAs bullied and harrassed him online for abandoning them and he killed himself.

TRAs kill more trans people than they claim radfems do.

The crowd went silent and i laughed!! It was the opposite of the rest of the jokes where the audience laughed but i was angry.

And if he and other dudes change their minds, we’re back to square one. I’m glad he spoke up, but I’d love one dude to point out how ridiculous it is that they’re given far more credence than women are.

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