Shrier's too smart for there not to be a recording.

Also man, that subject shift, "she lied" to "she 'supported an agenda'. "

MFer, do you even know who Abigail Shrier is?

MFer, do you even know who Abigail Shrier is?

There is no way he doesn't. He just doesn't want all the smoke he's undoubtedly getting from talking to her.

The thing is, he's legitimizing his profession by talking to her! These are completely self-serving efforts--this is not altrusim, this is not guilt. This is "Oh, parents are freaking out, if I want to keep the tap of fucked up kids on full blast I'm going to have to say something about that not every kid should be like this."

It's long-term MARKETING not sudden conscience.

I don't think he even could develop sudden conscience - if he were capable he would immediately lose his mind from the devastation he's caused.

we don't need a transcript?

ffs. Yes. We do. I'll bet anything that there were no misquotes.

Thinking back, pretty much everything with Bowers was direct quotes. Never a summation of thoughts but just quotes. How the fuck can she argue with that?

[–] Riothamus scrote 25 points Edited

Never a summation of thoughts but just quotes. How the fuck can she argue with that?

He's a massive narcissist. That's how he can argue with his own direct quotes given in context.

This narcissism also drove him to take the interview in the first place. She just let him talk and present himself as Not Like Other SRS Butchers.

That actually seems like an admission the quotes are correct. She "used our words to support an agenda."

Serious question for the good doctor: who the fuck did you think you were talking to? And about what?

Right? Did Shrier put a gun to his head and make him say these words? No. What a fucking coward.

[–] CornflakeGrrrl 18 points Edited

Not to mention the fact that he wrote an op-ed for the NYT but they wouldn't publish it. That sure sounds like he was trying to get the word out about something!! It also sounds like Bowers approached Bari who then brought in AS to write the piece. I don't see how Bowers can seriously be claiming he didn't understand what was going on.

Edit: apparently the other doctor was the one who wrote the op-ed. It says Anderson coauthored it. I assumed that Bowers was the other author but that is not correct (or isn't clear). Regardless, it is hard to believe Bowers could have misunderstood the purpose and the angle of the article.

Bowers didn't submit an op-ed to the NYT. The other TIM Shrier interviewed did, the one who's a psychologist.

I'm sure he's dumb enough to have been like "whew, finally someone I can express some doubts to that won't crucify me for going against the party line."

Rock on, Abigail. Even the emperor knows he has no clothes.

My interpretation is that he was specifically trying to get this story out there but was unprepared for the degree of backlash he's now receiving. So, like a snake and a coward, he's lying and deflecting.

[–] ProxyMusic 7 points Edited

Bowers has always spoken out of both sides of his mouth in the same breath. He does it constantly on the "I Am Jazz" TV show. IIRC, he did a lot of it too in the documentary about the AGP TIM community he tried to be leader/boss man of after he took over the TIM surgery practice in the USA's mecca for AGPs seeking genital surgeries, Trinidad CO.

[–] Chronicity 39 points Edited

“She used our words to support an agenda”.

Yes the agenda to stop children from being harmed by unethical medical practice. What is your point?

[–] ciorafinska 29 points Edited

This is the guy that butchered poor Jazz Jennings. I'll never forget that inappropriate "porn star" comment he made after taking pictures of Jazz's genitals post-surgery.

edit: found footage of it (should begin at 03:44)

[–] OneStarWolf 2 points Edited

Yuck, the male part just couldn't contain himself I guess. Always back to thinking about sex and pornifying everything.

Edit: watched the full thing, holy shit at the two surgeons actually arguing DURING Jazz's surgery. 100% experimental with no standards of practice. It's literally make it up as the surgeon goes and believes what might look good. And of course Jazz's surgery was botched multiple times, majorly in part due to puberty blockers suppressing his sexual maturation. Poor Jazz, forever stuck as a sexually muted eunuch :( No wonder he's become depressed and turned to binge eating. They're doing everything they can to keep the delusion afloat, even while it's all falling apart around him. I hope she can find some happiness and find a way to adjust, but unfortunately it sounds like she's in real danger of falling into the exceedingly high suicide attempt stats for transgender people ;( Ugh. Come on kid. Snap out of it, you have a great platform to prevent this from happening to other kids now, please wake up and use it!

Question: If Jazz is not feeling unbearable sexual tension, or to put it another way, horny as hell with no outlet, then why the depression? He can feel emotional loneliness, but he never went through puberty, so in terms of his nervous system, how is he able to feel adult sexual feelings, desires for intimacy, if his brain never developed? Jazz does not have "raging hormones." So what the hell IS he feeling, that's making him eat the way he does? Or just self-awareness (can he have self-awareness of that kind if he didn't go through puberty properly?), he's realizing what's happened to him, he is NOT female, he is male and probably gay. Is that going on?

Tough times for Marci! He has to appease his followers and malpractice insurance company, while still warding off future blame and nominating himself for the whistleblower award. And if Jazz Jennings ever decides to jump sides and become the voice of his generation of detransitioners (let's be real, his mother would be all for it if she saw $$$ and a bigger media spotlight for her in it), Marci will want to ride his coattails there too.

I genuinely hope Jazz wakes up one day with a fire in him and takes everyone down in flames and then goes on to live a meaningful life.

Yeah, I think Jazz is a bright and charismatic young guy and there's no one better situated to speak out. He has the following, and he's done it all - from childhood transing to the media spotlight to multiple botched surgeries to a dysfunctional aftermath, all before the age of 20. I feel like he could really find a satisfying mission in life and express his truth at the same time.

[–] OneStarWolf 5 points Edited

God, if Jazz ever wakes up from his gender coma the fallout would be EPIIIIIIC!

He was turned into a modern day eunuch. Tortured through multiple experimental and failed sexual reassignment surgeries, denied the ability to fully mature and grow adult sex organs and now no ability to orgasm or understand sexual pleasure. It's a cruel, cruel fate for what would have most likely been a very pleasant, well adjusted gay male.

I really am shocked Bowers agreed to the interview. He had to know who Shrier is and what she writes about.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 7 points

"I want proof that she has been reeducated and is now toeing the party line" ?

Is that what this person means ?

"I want to shift pressure from me to someone else and I'll make vague use of woke crutch language like 'respect' and 'learned something' to try and lazily do it" is what I got from that.

Abigail Shriner doesn’t need the transcripts. She can just ask Bower which quotes he takes issue with and why. He won’t really have an answer, if he did he would have already said exactly what was wrong and what he truly said/meant.

He possibly has that arrogance many doctors can get thinking anyone not in their particular profession is dumber than they are. I’d argue that it’s a lot harder to get into Yale Law than many medical schools, but even so, he’s overestimating how much smarter he is than other people.

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