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Beautifully put. The connection to the environment, the simple reality of the limits of the physical world vs the hubristic techno-human attitude of too much of modern society, is something I think about a lot too. And I agree, it's having a real conversation about how we best navigate a changing world that matters. Most GC people haven't been demanding anything in particular but just want to have an open discussion. I am impressed the Guardian published this.

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Really decent article, especially for the guardian.

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Great source & the links in the article to other gender-critical articles were helpful as well. I particularly like her use of the word illiberalism to describe the shut-down of dialogue and her point that it is not just conservatives who are concerned about the erasure of women and the neglect of sex-based oppression. Free discussion of ideas is a liberal principle. The gender critical debate is one about liberalism and the freedom to dissent. Silencing critics, philosophers, and scientists is not a liberal approach to understanding--it is ideological, rigid, aggressive, and dogmatic.