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both links itt are blocked by a pay wall unfortunately, but i'll post my 2 cents anyways lol

this is so obnoxious. i live in a city with a high rate of immigrants that often times cannot speak english. how are they supposed to know what "anyone with a cervix" means vs woman? that translation barrier is huge and directly affects those women. entitled tra's will probably be like "well they should educate themselves!" meanwhile the average person has bigger issues than affirming some lunatic.

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I've done research on health information literacy and immigrant women. It's a huge issue. First, you need to find a translator who can speak a language that might not be that common, like Dari. Second, unless the translator is a woman, immigrant women usually won't engage with the information to begin with if it's related to bodies or sex. Then, the translator has to translate convoluted clown world talk to women who might never have heard the word cervix before. So thanks woketivists. You just alienated immigrant women even more.

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that is very enraging. they already are dealing with enough. running from a country where femicide is an epidemic, forced hysterectomies at the border, coming to a new country where their sex based rights are being spit on in the name of privileged white men wanting to play dress up. they can't catch a break. would you say these women may face an increased percentage of early mortality due to the language barrier?

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I just focus on information literacy and outreach. I can't comment on health outcomes, but we can probably make an educated guess that there's a negative impact when women can't access straightforward information in their native language.

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Exactly!! In addition to being anti women, its very anti non english speakers.

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I would think even many non-immigrant women might not know what a cervix is, for a variety of reasons.

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I didn't know what it really was until I got involved in feminism!

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Anyone else starting to think that “puts women at risk” isn’t a bug, it’s a feature? THE feature?

It’s bizarre, because they like to project on to us that we hate trans people, that whatever we say about caring about women’s rights and safety and dignity is a lie to cover up that we are ACKSHUALLY motivated by hating their narcissistic asses.

But I think as always, the accusation is an admission. Harming women is the only common thread in everything TRAs do, and campaign to be permitted to do. Except when they’re harming children, of course.

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Holy shit thats an incredible point

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while I was typing it, I was like "is this obvious?" and it seemed suddenly so obvious, that it was bizarre I'd never thought it before.

I think it was that defence mechanism that so often stops us naming male abuse while we're living with it. Even after everything I've seen it's just mind-blowing to believe that they hate women this much. But they do, don't they?

Yes, the whole point of the transvestism movement is to harm women, to remove our rights, to prey on us and children.

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Yeah, we need to stop pretending that we can decouple trans people from absolutely anything involving their sex. This is harmful to everyone, and doing all of these linguistic acrobatics to protect trans men (who don't even seem to support this!) from ever thinking about their sex is hurting everyone.

Ofc it's only hurting women b/c no one is doing this to men...

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I'll never get why this is happening in a world that's less religious and now scientifically informed than ever, and in theory should be more open than ever to the idea that our bodies are us and we are our bodies. Instead of grasping at imaginary straws to understand reality, people understand more than they ever have about reality, and yet now too many of them truly believe it's all just a bunch of social constructs.