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He can do all of the things he listed while in a straight relationship and still be a man. Does he think that men can’t drink “oat milk honey lavender lattes,” “have a ginger gf,” “have a septum piercing,” have tons of plants, etc?


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It's the part where they live in a cottage core apartment in a cool mountain town, duh! Checkmate, Terf!

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Ahhh, right! I forgot straight couples can’t do that. :p Silly me!

The women defending them make me angrier. Same way that female penpals and groupies of serial killers has always made me angry.

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would not be surprised if any of these dumb guys were swooped up by transwomen telling them they're an egg or whatever and it encourages more men to transition for the "lesbian experience" (barf)

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for males lesbian relationships are either completely depraved or sexless affairs where you gaze into each other's eyes and are by all accounts just closer friends than normal. no healthy sexuality to be found

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The "ideal lesbian experience" that these men talk about literally comes from Pinterest and Tumblr aesthetic boards.