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WTF!!! That's pretty egregious, even for the shitty, no-moral-compass-whatsoever behemoth that is Facebook.

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This article was surprisingly biased against Colin Wright and reality.

cisgendered males

I despise that they use this term.

Many of his posts comment on bills that are being introduced by more than 20 states across the country prohibiting transgender girls boys from competing on girls' sports teams - despite most sponsors' inability to cite an instance that has caused problems in their community.

Boys. They are boys.

Although his social media accounts are filled with his controversial commentary on sex and gender


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Yeah... my sister sent me this article.

I gotta say, I'm really disturbed by how much tech companies are backing this ideology. Maybe it's a case of transgender employees in their ranks, like Ashton Challenor & Reddit.

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It's this. There are sooooo many male trans software engineers. It's because of the comorbidity with autism, imo, and the fact that so many of them are AGPs who developed their fetishes after long exposures to porn, which is a side effect of being very online from a young age. (Not that autism is required for being a good coder, but it certainly seems to help)

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Just go ahead and try reporting paedophilic content to see if it gets removed...

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"This debate has continued past the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which saw the first openly transgender athlete compete; the studies were conducted previously"

I wish they'd realize that this is such doublespeak. "Openly transgender" basically means "obviously male and not even trying to hide it".

Just say the truth ffs. These Olympics saw the first man competing openly in the women's division.