I am probably gonna get downvoted to hell for even broaching this subject, but-

There is one key piece of data which we're not being told (understandably), because the victims and the assailant are all minors. But given the school board's utter indifference to the girls' safety, and given reports that a group of girls physically attacked the victim, and given that one of the victims is falling all over herself to let everyone know she agrees with all the gender woo, AND given we've seen pictures of the father of one of the victims, I strongly suspect that:

The victims are both white , and the assailant is not.

If the li'l psychopath faces charges as an adult, his identity might become known, and we'll see if I am right. But racial politics , even more than "trans rights" (and the boy apparently does NOT claim to be a trans girl ) is the only thing that I think could explain the utter, chilling indifference of the school officials, AND the way a whole group of girls were eager to beat up a rape victim, as if they identified more with the assailant than a fellow female, AND the way that loathsome creature Jackie Schworm was so happy to call a rape victim a liar, . (I found pictures of what may be her ; if it is, the Schworm creature is also white). I just think that if both the victims and the assailant were white, the school board would care about rape victims more than about "trans rights" (and again, there's no sign the boy is trans ; he's just a porn sick violent entitled male who took advantage of self ID laws, just as everyone said they would).

If my speculation (that's all it is) is correct, that might explain why the officials were even more eager than school boards usually are , to rug sweep sexual assault and do an internal investigation without the police : They're afraid of exacerbating 'racial tensions'. Or at least, that's the excuse they told themselves.

The actual reason is, no one gives a shit about girls and women, not even (in too many cases) people who are themselves girls and women. :-(