Not only was he on electronic monitoring when he committed the second assault, this article says he was only 14 when he committed the first assault.

My favorite quote:

While the juvenile complaint details the allegations, nothing in the charges indicates how the teen ended up in the girl’s bathroom.

"Ended up" in the girl's bathroom? Just like he suddenly mysteriously appeared? He was able to access the girl's bathroom because the idea of a boy going into a girl's bathroom has been so normalized that girls are afraid to object for fear of being called unkind, bigoted, etc. etc.

Wasn’t the little fucker crossdressing, ie a “trans girl”?

I think the girls father said he was a boy in a skirt who was using the girls room because he’s gender fluid or something?

Something went horribly wrong.

I mean anally raping someone at that age? We're not talking about snapping a bra or copping a feel which would be bad enough.... anal rape? That's extreme shit. There are so many horrible behaviours BEFORE you get here... was this out of nowhere?

porn use is totally normalized amongst young boys. a sexologist i follow on twitter does research on this and the amount of teenagers that expect anal sex from their girlfriends is appalling.

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I'm not sure it was anal rape. In Virginia law, sodomy means anal but also any kind of oral sex https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/18.2-67.1/

not that it makes it any less disgusting anyway

"The boy, who’s been described as someone who occasionally wears dresses, has since been charged with two counts of forcible sodomy; one of anal sodomy and one of forcible fellatio, and the court hearing was due to take place this month."