Is this a joke? I don't know how anyone can work with this person. He's a walking clown world 🤡🤡. And I'm not clear if when he declared himself transgender, he meant he's transwoman? Because he looks like a conventional man.


Is this a joke? I don't know how anyone can work with this person. He's a walking clown world 🤡🤡. And I'm not clear if when he declared himself transgender, he meant he's transwoman? Because he looks like a conventional man. [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10088929/Black-trans-Hamilton-actor-says-fired-requesting-gender-neutral-changing-room.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10088929/Black-trans-Hamilton-actor-says-fired-requesting-gender-neutral-changing-room.html)


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Theatre people are the gay-friendliest people in the world. If this - apparent - dude was asked to tone it down, he must have been flaming brighter than a comet. And by the way - it's called acting, so they have every right to ask him to.

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Found this -Saying no to Broadway’s beauty standards makes Hamilton’s Suni a real star - so he is a TIM (presumably a gay man), but conveniently deploying ‘boy mode’ when it suits him to get an acting role. Plus ça change, plus ça même chose….

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Not sure what he was even asking for? He wanted To make everyone change in the same room instead of a male and female one? So his feelings were the only ones that mattered?

sounds to me like he wanted his own dressing room but tried it under the guise of a gender neutral dressing room?

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So the non main cast have to share dressing rooms but because of his gender special feels he wants a private one? And he doesn’t understand why his coworkers hate him?

I mean it's just my interpretation but it's giving me those vibes. He obviously has an overinflated ego.

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everything about hamilton is annoying per se, this just adds to the whole vibe

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I read that Miranda said he was obviously open to color blind casting but not sex blind casting (read: giving women some of the actual three dimensional roles) in a professional production because he would have to rewrite all the music and although the entire musical was undoubtedly a shit ton of work that he was ok with doing, adjusting music he's already written for female vocal ranges would just be too hard. So what's a woman doing in a man's part? Unless.

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I am laughing. How DARE you besmirch the sacred cow of American musical theater?

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everything touched by lin manuel miranda's hands has that vibe, i cannot help it

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So much confusion. He looks just like any other man. What on earth makes him trans?

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What on earth makes him trans?

The fake calculator app on his phone.

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They allege that cast and crew members treated them differently from their initial hiring, citing that instead of providing them with a warm welcome, the stage manager said: 'Your role is cuttable, we can do the show without you.'

The complaint states that Reid was told to 'tone done' their performance on stage and that they - portraying the male ensemble character Man Six - were presenting as 'too gay'. They claim fellow cast members also referred to them as Miss Six in an effort to mock their alleged lack of masculinity.

Hahahaha he's offended that his unnamed numerical role of "Man 6" is cuttable? This man doesn't have what it takes to survive the profession! I gotta agree with @InfiniteGames, if he was being told he was too gay for Broadway... he was doing a poor job acting.

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this. makes me wonder how actually bullied Ray Fischer was. it seems to me these actors can't handle the business. acting is extremely personal, so when a director or whatever criticizes you, sure it's gunna hurt. but you need to have thicker skin, I'm sorry. if you aren't being sexually harrassed, I honestly don't care about people being "bullied" by directors. grow the fuck up.

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I found this article very confusing as I kept wondering who else was involved because of the use of 'they'. I know this was said at the start but it's pointless. 'They' will always be used when you don't know the number and/or sex of some person(s) you're referring to.

Also, he's definitely just a bloke in cute pants.

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Sounds like an insufferable prick. Yep, of course he claims he’s trans.

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Gotta get that "who uses they/them pronouns" in right away to explain the grammatical nonsense that follows.

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So he wanted a non-binary dressing room, and other performers said they'd like to use it as well, which means if would just be a mixed sex dressing room. I don't get it. Is he trans in the way that declaring yourself nonbinary makes you automatically trans?