How are they men when they literally grow up as girls, and live their whole lives as women? The only reason they even know they are intersexed is because of modern medicine. Sure you can make the case that they aren't all the way female, but they are not men.

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A female is not: "identifying" as female, growing up as female, socializing as female, dressing up as female, and "passing as" female.

A woman, a female, is an organism that can bear offspring and/or produce eggs under the right conditions.

CAIS are males with an inability to respond to androgens. The product of the inability is a male with a pseudo-female like appearance, creating the illusion of a female.

Beneath the layers, CAIS have no internal female sex organs - no uterus and no ovaries. They have testes - the male gonads that produce sperm. Their bodies were supposed to support the production of sperm and failed. They are men in every sense of the word.

The only reason they even know they are intersexed is because of modern medicine

The reason humans know they are humans and not another specie is modern medicine, and study of genes. Surely you wouldn't claim humans were not humans before they learned of what separates each specie.

CAIS were not women before modern medicine. They were disordered men.

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How are they men in every sense of the word? They don't just identify as women; they live their whole lives as girls and dont even know they have this condition. You can make the arguement they aren't all the way female or male, and they have issues that neither men or women have. They also aren't completely male because they don't really produce sperm either. Saying they are men is just being cruel, sorry but it is.

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"Living" one's whole "life" viewing oneself as female does not make one female.

CAIS are disordered men (human males) who would produce sperm without their disorder, no matter how cruel you find it.