but an administrator denied her admission because of a concern that she wanted to stay in a room with a female roommate.

There is no age when men stop raping women.

Yup. You know this man would have also demanded female PSW for intimate care.

On the slightly less nefarious spectrum of entitlement, he could just be doing this solely for validation purposes. But I guarantee it's because he wants to flex his power over women and god forbid, because he wants to commit a sex crime.

There is also a word for men who prefer to rape older women. They often work in care homes and put porn of their patients (victims) online. There is no woman in existence who is not some sick fuck's fetish.

This is the next frontier in the march of the invading trans tyrants. Trans orgs have been "training" people involved in running LTHCFs and home health agencies for a number of years now. It's part of the strategy of making inroads in areas where the persons being encroached upon and put at risk are those who are most vulnerable and least able to fight back - kids in school; women in prisons; women in shelters & rape refuges; women acutely ill in hospitals; elderly, infirm and disabled women in nursing/care homes & rehab facilities, or who rely on health aides & helpers in their own homes.

Its really creepy the way they target the most vulnerable in society for their BS.

Just more proof of the sickness that is cluster B. It’s a full-on attack on society’s weakest members.

This is where we end up with the “you can’t discriminate against people just because they’re trans” argument. It’s not people who need to be kept out, it’s men, and there is no such condition as being trans, so it’s keeping out men who are parading their sexual fetishes. That’s not a legitimate category for protection, that’s predators.

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I will never understand this. If TIMs (or to use their own language, AMABs) are allowed to identify away from being men and claim that they are women, why can’t women (or AFABs) identify away from AMABs who identify as women? If the law will recognize gender identity should they also not have to recognize that many AFABs want to identify away from TIMs and have a different “gender identity” to these TIMs?

That's a point of contention. Technically some of the women identifying as NBs are already doing that. Thing is TIMs will want the word "woman" and that we aren't prepared to give up.

As a woman and adult human female I identify as a super woman. Super genders only identify as having a gender in common with people who were born with as the same sex as them. It’s invalidating to me for trans women to be allowed in my spaces. My pronouns are she/her without anybody ever having to roll their eyes or feel like they are being forced to say anything that doesn’t come naturally to them.

Didn't someone post that transgender individuals with dementia forget they are transgender?

I'd love to read this again. They all always claim it's innate and from birth and then science hits them where it hurts again. Science and reality do not give a shit about feelings.

The way dementia progresses, that would be a logical stage. I do remember someone writing about that on here a while back or maybe on rGC.

That administrator deserves a raise. I'm beyond tired of these stupid, entitled crybullies. Maine law, I'm pretty sure, protects against gender identity discrimination but also sex discrimination I believe, so I don't know how this will end. I want to be optimistic but I feel as if this TIM will get what he wants in the end. :( Fingers crossed I'm wrong and sanity prevails.

I did some work at a facility with varying levels of dementia patients and they carefully screened roommates for compatibility. Some had such severe dementia it made them violent at times, some of the patients showed awful racism, some were extremely religious. While I disagree with catering to racism, I know that they took viewpoints into consideration for roommates. It likely protected the person of color, but nobody challenged the dementia patients on their bigotry...probably because it would be considered useless and possibly cruel (depending on delivery).

So, taking their own arguments of 'you're a bigot if you deny men access to your spaces', facilities DO accommodate bigots with placement.

On the topic of racism, I can't even begin to fathom the logic of putting a member of the class the racist dementia patient hates in the same room, especially since, like you say, dementia patients can get violent.

The same applies to this dude. If he's in such danger from "transphobes", then it's illogical to place him in the same room as one. But of course everyone involved knows it's the "transphobic" woman who's in danger, not the TIM.

My grandfather got dementia before he died and went right back to WWII and constantly talking about “the Japs”.

It was embarrassing and horrifying even though I knew he wasn’t in his right mind.

My husband's grandfather had similar comments when he was older...I'm sure in the 1940s saying that was more common as they were the enemy in a war where you're losing your high school friends or fellow soldiers. but still...they must have known about he Japanese internment camps? Ugh. totally embarrassing.

Re "the Japs" - yes, that is so embarrassing. My father served in the Pacific during WW II and many a night he spent trembling in some trench while the Japanese rained bombs down on them. Luckily, the bombs always fell in the water just offshore of the island. I never once heard him speak of "the Japs" even after he got dementia, and I was his caregiver. In a way I understand why some navy vets were so obsessed with and hated the guys who gave them the trauma of their lives, but it had the unfortunate effect of sometimes fueling virulent racism against the Japanese as a people. I think they must have known about the Japanese internment camps, but the big thing was Pearl Harbor.


First of all, why would you want to subject a POC patient to an extremely racist roommate? That would be uncomfortable at best for all parties.

Secondly, I work in healthcare too and juggling the personalities of residents is pretty important when choosing roommates anyway. This guy hates black people, this woman likes to go through her roommates things and current roommate tolerates it more than the others so they NEED to stay together, this guy gets up in the middle of the night and makes a bunch of noise so he needs a roomie who won't wake up easily or who also gets up early so that they don't fight, etc.

Unless it was a literal crisis, we would never put a patient in with someone who doesn't feel safe around them, no matter the cause of that feeling. It's a guarantee most women would not feel safe with a male roommate. For most long term residents, the care home is their last home until they die. Fuck this TIM for being so selfish he wants to invade these elderly women's bedrooms and make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Ok, I’m 70. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that in 10 years or so I might need a facility such as this.

Or, how about having to share a semi-private hospital room with one in the bed next to me?

I will totally lose my shit if someone tells me that I have to share my room with a TW. JFC.

I’d bet money that they were willing to admit him but he refused to stay in a single room and cried discrimination when they refused to allow him to stay in a room with a female roommate.

Give him a few years and dementia will set in, then he’ll forget his fetish entirely and demand a male room mate.

He’ll still be a predator, though. He may not call himself a Laydee, but he will remain a danger to women. He wouldn’t be a TIM in the first place if he wasn’t.

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