The bill proposes allowing sex marker changes on documents only for people who have had SRS. Others may choose a different "gender" marker on their documents which TRAs oppose because it outs people nothing is ever good enough for them.

It's still BS. The same way we have to put "have you ever gone under any other names" they should have to put "were you born as a different sex?"

Actually, we shouldn't be dealing with this at all.

Has Wokebro Trudeau ever given a definition of "gender"?

Man, WHAT happened in Canada in the last week or two? Went from major TRA stronghold to several decent stories in just a couple of days.

It's still TRA. Unfortunately. But individual provinces go about things their own way, so there does seem to be different leagues of how crazy it's getting.

No, I mean in the space of ONE WEEK this has gone from The Unmentionable Topic to CTV printing a TIM's op-ed about how TRA's are bad; CTV are also broadcasting a report featuring detransitioners; there's this story; there was that critique of erasure of "woman" in the Toronto Star; I also recall another story about the dangers when experts can't say what they really feel about trans issues, though I don't recall the publication.

There's always been a Canadian resistance but there has never been such attention in mainstream press before.

I want to hope for the best and I do, but I'll hold my breath here for the moment. We've been saying things will change for years now and it just gets worse, but maybe this is a start. Fingers crossed.

They also link to an article about the regulation of surrogacy:

Quebec is ready to recognize and regulate the use of surrogate pregnancies in a new bill that would come with significant updates to the province's family law.

Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette introduced on Thursday Bill 2 to reform family law to adjust it to new social realities.

Currently, in Quebec, contracts signed between a surrogate mother and the intended parents have no legal value under the Civil Code.

Bill 2 would provide a framework for the use of surrogate parents by requiring that a surrogacy agreement be signed by a notary before the pregnancy begins.

The surrogate mother will have to be at least 21 years old, and her contribution will be free of charge, but she could be compensated in case of loss of work income and reimbursed for several expenses.

After the birth of the child, the surrogate mother would have to agree that her parent-child relationship with the child would be **deemed never to have existed. **The parent-child relationship would be established with respect to the intended parents.

Only the surrogate mother can change her mind and withdraw from the agreement at any time. She could, for example, have an abortion, or decide to keep the child, without the risk of being sued by the intended parents.

I’m not an expert on surrogacy but this sounds like a huge step forward for women and mothers.

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Agreed. It's not optimal but it does sound like a great start.

Am I interpreting it right that if she decides to keep the baby the surrogate parents are still on the hook to help the child, so does that mean they have to pay child support? Because they could be a way for a woman who wanted a child but couldn't afford one, to get a rich, childless couple to pay for her baby that she keeps. It would be pretty much fraud on her part to do that, but what could anyone do? It's the law. And using women as incubators is worse, so I think it would discourage surrogacy in Montreal, which is the ultimate goal.

That is a very interesting take, and I don't know the answer to your question!

Still a bullshit proposal, but of course it's not good enough for TRAs.

Babysteps Canada, babysteps.

People who have not had surgery would have the option of requesting the "sex" category on their birth certificate be renamed as "gender," and then to put down the gender that matches their identity.

But birth certificates would only look this way for people who have requested such a change, automatically "outing" anyone who goes that route, trans-rights advocates told CTV.

Automatically outing them. This will ruin their lives because they are totally living as women/men and nobody knows they weren't born as women/men. And when people find out – how? I guess when they apply for a passport or something and whoever processes the application will tell everyone they know? – they will lose their jobs? No, that's illegal, the law protects them from that. Their spouse will divorce them? Sure, it's very likely they have a spouse who has no idea they are trans. The mythology of passing, alive and well.

This is all nonsense and they know it.

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That is a strange interpretation of a recent court ruling that expands and not limits trans rights. Like TiMs being designated on their kid’s birth certificates as “mother” and creating some sort of new non binary designation for documents…. something is definitely off… https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/practice-areas/litigation/quebec-superior-court-ruling-is-historic-win-for-trans-rights/337449