Men are literally taking one of the rules of misogyny and projecting it onto us.

This is a sickness. Literally.

They're incapable of an original thought. They have to mimic us. It's pathetic.

I have a sister with NPD, and went through this gaslighting, projecting garbage for decades. I didn't even realize she was doing it behind my back, so by the time I told "my side" everyone already believed her.

I feel just as helpless with this BS as I did then.

My dad did the same. If anyone didn’t give him what he wanted, they weren’t just an assholw, they were actively hurting him and wanted him dead. He could sit in front of a family therapist and go off about how we were all in a conspiracy against him to get him to suffer and eventually have a heart attack and die. Once he even told a therapist that he wouldn’t be surprised if my mother and I tried to poison him.

And you know what, we did hate him. But only because of who he was, not what he was, or because we just so delighted in hurting him. It was the constellation of everything about him that made us hate him, and no, we were never conspiring to kill him through some convoluted means. He was just such a narcissist that he couldn’t take “no” as anything other than a deviously-fired dart.

Same only it was my mother who is a diagnosed bipolar dry drunk with cluster B personality traits. She used to force me to listen to her call her family as she told them what a horrible person I was, if I spoke up to defend myself or tried to walk away while she was doing this she would somehow use as a way to prove her point...

I swear that if we started to tell that we have invisible feminine antennae they would appropriate them too.

It makes me sick how they steal and try and turn it around on us.

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Meanwhile the white TIMs are one of the safest demographics, they co-opt black TIMs who get murdered in prostitution as if it’s happening to them too. You’re safe at your IT job Bradley.

Transitions at 35 when his wife becomes pregnant. Thinks he's the statistic that's going to be dead before forty because he's -so oppressed-. Up until he pulled on his first spinny skirt, he thought he'd see seventy, but now, death waits around every corner. Like Cara from accounting. That fucking TERF hag.

they are actually projecting and probably stole from that quote "men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them"

what a loser

It is literally that quote but re-worded. Like another user here said, these men are incapable of original thought, they are always mimicking us, stealing our ideas, trying to wear us like suits. It's gross and pathetic. Ironic that they're taking something from Atwood, but then thats probably an intentional move to further try to humiliate her and erase her.

They most certainly did. Appropriation all day every day.

TIMs are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid TIMs will assault and murder them. 🤷

A woman just giving them a second glance or smirking is enough to make TIMs lose their shit. They're even more irrational than regular men.

Funny how that’s no different from all men. Further proving they are nothing close to a woman.

And I love how the use "cis people" as if men and women have the same fears when it comes to TIMs and TRAs.

Trying to, yet again, steal woman’s observations of our oppressions by twisting it to pretend it’s their own. Copying “Men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.”

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The only people to die so far in this political conflict were a lesbian family: wives Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed, and their son, Benny Diambu who were killed by the trans activist David Warfield (aka Dana Rivers) in 2016. He was part of the trans activist movement against MichFest and the couple were long time attendees.

The trans movement is a terrorist breeding ground and I’m sick to death that more lesbians will be killed in the future.

I have never in my life heard of a lesbian separatism motivated murder of a trans identifying man.

This isn’t about witty words and edgy memes. These men have and will kill more lesbians if they can.

The David Warfield case keeps getting pushed back over and over. I keep checking Kara Dansky's updates and it's infuriating. I don't know if there will ever be justice

At this point the fact that Rivers has been held so long without trial is becoming a travesty of justice in itself. I'm no fan of Rivers but its been over 5 years that he's been held without trial.

At this point the fact that Rivers has been held so long without trial is becoming a travesty of justice in itself. I'm no fan of Rivers but its been over 5 years that he's been held without trial.

He might have waved his right to a speedy trial (though I don't know why he would)

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All I can do is keep bringing it up. Who has made the sacrifice for this shit: LESBIANS. What can I do?

They steal everything holy shit. Unreal. There is nothing from other causes that they will not take. Are any of their slogans, quotes, lines, etc. their own?

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I'm waiting for them to steal MLK Jr's, "I have a dream" speech. How about, "We shall overcome twansphobia"?

Actually now that I remember, philosophy tube stole Sojourner Truth's, "Aint I a woman?" speech, when mansplaining to a black woman why not wanting TIMs in the women's restroom is the same as not wanting black women in women's restroom.

Nope. There was even a blogpost if I'm not mistaken, detailing how everything they have is stolen from other movements, like Women's Rights, BLM, etc.

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I'm sorry but why would I care about criticism coming from a person filled with so much loathing of themselves and women as a whole? If its coming from a place of jealousy and resentment who cares?

TIMs are afraid they’ll be clocked.

I don't even think they all mind being clocked, so long as you participate in the ongoing fantasy. You can know he's a man. He's not even shaved today. But if you slip up even once, if you pop his deluded bubble that we're all enchanted by his femme self, then you're fucking in for it. I think being clockable is part of the excitement for some AGP. It's sexy and naughty. Treat me like a sissy and you can know my dirty secrets 😘

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