This sounds like a precursor to the infamous "mouthfeel" post on tumblr.

ah yes Ye Olde Mouthfeel argument...

I hate that this word is so often used regarding acidic versus alkaline water tastes.

It's funny how they never want each other's amazingly unique dicks even though they're allegedly entirely different.. hmm. You can spin it however you want, fellas, but lesbians still don't want your sad ladydicks.

I'm sorry, but if your male 'friend' is telling you about his penis texture he has f*ckzoned you.

From the long-running "Penises I Have Known" series on National Penis Radio.

Sometimes I think all these people are thirteen years old.

Came here to say this. I’m thoroughly convinced that the people who espouse this are either adult male predators or little kids who have never had a sexual relationship.

She plays with her transwoman friend's girldick? Things that did not happen ...

Not that I slightly even want to soil my brain with this knowledge, but do they ever actually present specifics on what these alleged differences are? Or how they differ from the variety seen among other dudes' penises? And "mouthfeel" is just a euphemism for flaccid, right?

A 'difference' I've seen brought up a couple of times is the smell. There are TIMs who claim their penises start smelling like vaginas, describing it as a fish smell. Of course that's not what a healthy vagina smells like but being wrong never seems to stop them spouting their nonsense

Oh how nice that they go all misogynist on their own junk.

They also claim it's softer and more supple...

Why yes, testosterone levels dropping does in fact cause a limp dick! Leave it to narcissistic men to find a way to glamorize self-inflicted impotence.

These dudes should really channel their passion for rebranding into lucrative careers in real estate. ‘Supple’ is to ‘flaccid’ what ‘vibrant up-and-coming neighbourhood’ is to ‘dodgy shithole’.

As others have said, the smell changes, they get softer skin, they don't get as hard, the consistency of semen changes (often to being a clear ejaculate). Those can all be influenced in any way shape or form by taking progesterone as well. Some of them say they start 'getting wet' consistently like a vagina but I think it's more likely that they are oozing precum due to constant low-state arousal at being 'a woman'...

It's funny how there are two camps about this. One, talking to lesbians, tells us how the trans dick is not like the cis dick at all, as if the body of changes is in any way enticing and not even more repulsive than standard dick. The other, talking to straight women, tells about how the dick doesn't change that much, so don't worry, you can still be with your husband-now-wife post transition and not miss anything at all, sexually.

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