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Also love how it's only offensive to TIMs if "cis" men dress up like women but somehow it's not offensive to women at all???

If a fat man could rent one of those mobility scooters and go as the Yaniv for Halloween, I think I would laugh.

PLEASE let there be a website where men post their "I'm Rachel Levine. Haha!" Halloween pix this year.

Men dressing up as men who dress up as women -- that would be a costume. Some big linebacker guy making his friends laugh by putting on lipstick and a skirt, "look at me, I'm Chuck Clymer!" THAT would amuse me.

The best way to defeat the TRAs is with humour, imo! I guess some would say making fun of specific individuals is 'cruel', but my goodness...they do put themselves out there. ;p

Lol a man dressed in a lady admiral costume, that would be a hoot

Best of all, self ID affords so much plausible deniability! I'm not in costume, bigot!!!1! 🤪

I remember seeing some Kaitlyn Jenner costumes the Halloween after he came out (they mocked the Vanity Faire cover where he wore the white lingerie). Naturally, TRAs threw a shit fit. LOL

Men in dresses make people think that men in dresses are just men in dresses.

A libfem TRA friend's husband dressed up as a "Bearded Lady" 2 Halloweens ago. Only thing that surprised me is that no one pointed out how "transphobic" that was (and he looked like a typical TIM).

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Seriously though I think there's a way that it can be funny. It always depends on the intention, but if it's not "look how ridiculous women are/look", meh. If a woman can dress as Sherlock Holmes or Ayatollah Khomeini or Prince Charles, why would I care that a guy wants to be Miss Maple or the Queen ?

I'm tired of too much political correctness over Halloween costumes. Ok, dressing up as "a woman" or as "a black person" or as "a fat guy" is lazy and lame, but the point is to dress as a character. I wish everyone wasn't so offensive so we could stop being so offended even by non offensive stuff.

Aww wouldn't want to upset the twanses by showing them there's literally no difference between them and any other misogynistic erection in a frock 💕

It's so weird and exclusionary that TIMs have this untouchable status that allows them to wear whatever they want whereas normal men are policed for wearing dresses.