Damage control

I didn't even see one article in the NYT reporting the story before this attempt to make it seem like there's nothing to see here. Just right-wingers being nuts again, I guess!

They are freaking out about this case will have a real impact in the upcoming VA governor race, especially after Obama throwing himself into the mess. Tragic.

I am really disappointed in Obama. Didn’t he dismiss the rape of this poor girl as “trumped up culture war” and “fake outrage”?

Ohh, that makes a lot of sense. I heard Obama got involved somehow. Did he say something about the Loudoun Country case or about the VA governors race in general?

Is this a news article or an op-ed? From the copied text in the cookent here it looks like an op-ed. If op-ed then they're still not reporting on it. So propaganda?

Yep, this is an op-ed, so you're right that (as far as I know) there's been no actual reporting

They ran wall-to-wall coverage over that pathetic Netflix walk-out and then this is the first article about a disgraceful multi-year sexual assault cover-up. It's despicable.

It's not even a news article, just an op-ed piece sprouting propaganda to give TRAs talking points.

Damage control is exactly the right description, and the dishonesty of it is infuriating. Facts: a girl was raped by a male student in what should have been a female-only space, and the school board downplayed it (to the point of blatantly lying about it to the victim’s father’s face) in order to pass a policy to allow male students into female-only spaces with no restrictions whatsoever. Tellingly, despite all the shrieking about right wing lies, this NYT piece doesn’t even seem to challenge those basic facts - it just tries to bury them in nonsensical excuses like “it can’t have anything to do with trans issues because the trans bathroom policy hadn’t been passed yet” and “the victim admitted she was a slut who willingly had sex with the rapist twice before anyway.” So utterly gross and shameful.

Yep. And oh it's a "relationship problem", just like how wife beating used to be considered a "relationship problem" by the police and society-at-large. So not a "real" assault.  🙄

You are so right about the purposeful inclusion of the fact she had sex with the guy twice before. I hadn't even consciously registered how that framed the rape to diminish its significance. I also wonder how consensual those encounters really were.

We actually don't know if she had sex with him before - it may have been making out or groping or something else. What I suspect (and this is 100% conjecture so don't quote me on this) is that they may have engaged in some sexual activity before, who knows what, but that he kept pressuring her to engage in anal sex. One of the articles, I forget which, repeated that she had repeatedly told him no to a specific sex act. We all know that pornsick rapists are obsessed with violating boundaries regarding anal sex. Either way, fuck the New York Times for attempting to diminish the significance of this crime.

It was on another thread (and several news sources) that the boy was “gender fluid”. Mainstream is allegedly trying to hush that down.

Now he's just a 'boy in a skirt'

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The father of the first raped girl described the rapist as a "boy wearing a skirt" in his first interviews, post arrest.

Father is under gag order to be on "good behavior" after being arrested, vigorously prosecuted, and jailed for "disorderly conduct".

A boy in a skirt has been valid to them, since the requirements to be trans have been wear a skirt as the bare minimum. Now it's all, wait, no, this violent boy isn't true trans, he's just a boy in a skirt! (We don't want to be associated with these kinds!) They want it both ways! We need to make sure they can't have it.

Misgendering is fine and cool when I do it actually

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So is the superintendent of Loudoun county's public schools. At the June 22 meeting, he said there were no reports of any assaults in the school's bathrooms and a "predator transgender student or person simply does not exist" (source). Then, on October 15, he apologized and said his comments were "misleading", saying he "wrongly interpreted" the question as involving trans and gender-fluid students (source).

I believe Scott Smith is the one who came out to say the boy identifies as "gender fluid"? He probably learned that from his daughter. Pretending the boy isn't trans violates their belief in self-identification too. Typical TRA hypocrisy.

Just realized how eerie the last line is, when you think of transgender ideology: "A sad and complicated truth is probably no match for an exquisitely useful lie." Goldberg has no idea she's been suckered in by an exquisitely useful lie.

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It’s always about trans because that’s the point of males doing this. They are rapists.

So if this had happened two months later it would all have been different because he could have ID'd into the bathroom of his choice, and no-one could have ordered him out had they found him there? And as he was wearing a skirt, doesn't that mean he was TG (under the trans umbrella), so that we now see (surprise, surprise!) that TIMs can be just as entitled and violent as all other men?

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Absolute garbage. This is the same newspaper that sold the country on "weapons of mass destruction", despite Judith Miller knowing she was lying at the time she wrote her article.

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The two months before the policy of opening girls' bathroom to all is just parsing at this point. The authorities in charge was already steep in the culture and the nonbinary"boy in skirt" no doubt feels emboldened to go in there knowing no one would stop him.

ETA: this shit piece lost all credibillity right from the start painting the outrage being as a "distorted tale" by "conservative" to cause "moral panic".

I'd wager 99.9% of us here identified or voted, campaigned, donated to democratic and progressive candidates until quit recently. It's such a slimy tactic to paint is as all raging conservative evil bigots.

We keep screaming that from the rooftops, too. I made no secret of the fact that I have always voted for Dems, donated time and money to Dems, urged others to vote for Dems. They are choosing not to listen.

Another bad take by Goldberg. But in general the NYTimes is no friend to women.

Weird how she forgot to mention the school board flat out lying at the meeting that they had no records at all of anyone being raped in the bathroom at the meeting where the father was arrested, eh? Must have slipped her mind.

If they mention that then they have to admit the school very much had a reason to hide that the kid was trans and already using the girls restroom for hook ups at least before the new trans policy. The fact that they had a rape before they put the policy in is absolutely a reason to not approve the policy.

I’m sure it was just an innocent mistake. There’s no way the precious New York Times, the gray lady of journalism, would be so irresponsible. /s

Let them spin. We knew this all along: he has always been a boy in a skirt. I personally love watching them gradually get crushed by the truth that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TRANS.

May be time to ditch my NYT subscription, though.

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