Of course she feels terrible. A man attempted to rape her. If you listen to these men who larp as lesbians, online and in irl, they have all either already coercively (or forcibly) raped a lesbian or would at any opportunity. It is a ubiquitous desire for all of them; you never read or hear any of them raising any objections or acknowledging that trying to have sex with a lesbian is rape. The TCult is a rape cult with lesbians the preferred prey.

Man are extremely obsessed with having sex with lesbians. So obsessed that I wouldn't be surprised if they transitioned specifically to do that.. And look at what we get..

The TCult is a rape cult with lesbians the preferred prey.

What a horrifying world we live in.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Some aspects of female socialization should be the norm for all people of both sexes. Empathy? Good! Cooperation? Also good! But other aspects of female socialization need to be flat-out eradicated, and the inability to say no and the belief that one's own body is a public resource are at the top of the must-go list.

This is so true! People teach little girls to always be kind and put others first. Kindness is good but equally girls need to be taught that they are not just support humans.

We need to tell them: Boundaries are good! No-one gets to touch you if you don't want! Your thoughts and feelings matter!

I wish I didn't read this thread. It completely ruined my evening. I am hoping the story isn't true though, because it makes my heart hurt less than it did after I came here.

...... She wants to know what to do to make the TiM feel better...... She wants to know how to not upset the TiM when she asks him to stop raping her...... My god!

This thing where people are excusing TiMs and their abusive, manipulative behavior and writing it off as "self conscious" "poor baby" "meek little waif," needs to stop already. It just needs to stop now.

I'm physically ill from reading that post.

It's so dreadful. It's like when people pull up those old advice columns from the 1950s that are like "I'm not sure how often I should beat my wife, is twice a week enough?" I can't imagine how awful this era is going to look in retrospect.

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This thread is unreal. Watching a group of men tell a gay woman she might have a medical condition for not wanting their dicks.. I cannot.

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I can't do it yet, but I think someone should send her an invite code if it's not done already. She has to meet radfems asap, reddit advice will only make her situation worse.

I sent her something. A message of encouragement that it's okay to be who she is and a link to here. If she wants an invite code, she can ask me.

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