I wish I didn't read this thread. It completely ruined my evening. I am hoping the story isn't true though, because it makes my heart hurt less than it did after I came here.

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Maybe Teen Vogue will do an issue on how to be penetrated by someone by whom you really don't want to be penetrated

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I can't do it yet, but I think someone should send her an invite code if it's not done already. She has to meet radfems asap, reddit advice will only make her situation worse.

I sent her something. A message of encouragement that it's okay to be who she is and a link to here. If she wants an invite code, she can ask me.

I feel sexually violated reading this and fighting back tears. What are some of these women doing?

If this is what some women are allowing because of tweets and "bigot", can you imagine what women have been putting themselves through with straight men this whole time?

I don’t feel so good

It isn't just a few tweets, it's a whole culture of violent lesbophobia and threats of losing all your friends, safety, reputation, and in some cases your career.

For real, I see heterosexuality as a bit of a curse on women, tbh. Maybe not a popular opinion on here, but...

It is a curse. But many women have been socialised to believe it benefits them.

It wouldn’t benefit women who aren’t gay to try to be gay.

I want to kill that vile rapist piece of subhuman shit. Yeah, cancel me for being mean and giving lesbian feminism a bad name, but if I could get my hand on this repulsive maggot I would throttle him and every single one of the men in thigh-high socks who defended him and wanked to this story.

We have never gotten anywhere by asking men nicely, "please, don't rape us"… clearly they only understand one thing. You're not wring for wanting to kill a rapist, besides, aren't they the one kind of criminals that feel no remorse and can't be rehabilitated?

Dear God, I hope this is a parody or a straight/bisexual women self identifying as a "queer lesbian" although even in that case, this is so sad and tough to read. Prays that it peaks some sub visitors.

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This thread is unreal. Watching a group of men tell a gay woman she might have a medical condition for not wanting their dicks.. I cannot.

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