That's what feminism means right? Uplifting men while hating on other women? /s

She’s a femanist. Feminist is reserved for women’s rights advocates.

Nice try though.

Then they are not feminist. But then, most people who call themselves "feminist" are anything but.

Especially true for "male" feminists.🤢

"Male feminists" are all snakes in the grass. There are a minuscule amount of men who care about female human rights and liberation, and they don't call themselves feminists because they know better. A man who calls themselves a feminist is red flag to me.

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They were a cancer on the movement, they killed it and morphed it into the utter shit show it is today. Fuck them.

Edit: Oh so much on the red flag, I hear the words coming out of a man's mouth and I know immediately what's up.

Okay clowns, you do you but don't call yourself a feminist when the most important group in your movement is men, who are held above women. That's just regular patriarchy.

I was looking forward to read this article then you see "if your feminism doesn't include trans women it's not feminism", "not just your cisters" bullshit - so sick and tired of this. Just, why?

Because "feminism" (of the third wave) is by and for men, not women. Sadly a lot of women fall for it, whether for lack of being raised with alternatives, female socialization, or just stupidity.