One of those “unproblematic” authors on the display is

Brandon Sanderson, a devout Mormon who has repeatedly made homophobic comments

So homophobia is fine everyone! Just don’t say women are female, that’s the real problematic behaviour.

Sanderson also wrote a series in a fantasy world where men and women are separated to the degree that they can't even be in one room together if unmarried and cannot eat the same things. And his 'strong' female heroine is only concerned with getting married. I don't get the vibe from him that he hates women, but he certainly has issues with us

Didn't you hear? Male creators never have to answer for their shitty behavior. Only women are obligated to be morally pure by the constantly changing standards of the Woke Police

While the Barnes & Noble store’s intent is in the right place, those on Twitter also pointed out where they may have missed the mark a bit when it comes to the authors included in their “unproblematic” stack. Specifically the inclusion of Brandon Sanderson, a devout Mormon who has repeatedly made homophobic comments (about Dumbledore’s coming out in one case) and spoken out against gay marriage.

This sounds like a Babylon Bee parody!

For real, it really shows the misogyny of TRAs. Men get a free pass on any and all "problematic" behavior. But when a female creator expresses basic feminist opinions, she's the second coming of Hitler and we can't mention her work without also talking about how she's the most evil person who ever lived!!

that last tweet is right tho lmao, I know at least one of those authors has been labelled "problematic". the only unproblematic display, is a display with no books at all.

yes yes yes

This obsession with purity is killing our ability to think for ourselves.

Imagine finding out the child you raised and read Harry Potter to now finds glee in hating a children's book author.

This whole thing has disillusioned me as a writer.

I grew up reading books with brave and noble main characters, convinced that reading those books would make me brave and noble, too. I wanted to write such inspiring books myself, to make the world a better place!

Now I look at the Rowling-haters in the Harry Potter fandom and ... yeah, well, the power of the pen is rather limited, it seems. Those people immersed themselves in the Harry Potter fandom, to the point of getting themed tattoos, and came out pathetic cowards who lick the boots of patriarchy, at best, or woman hating male supremacist with not an ounce of empathy for women, at worst. Or, perhaps, self-aggrandizing fools who like to believe they are being "kind" while throwing hundreds and thousands of women under the bus (i.e. getting them raped) to appease predatory males.

Has the pen any power at all? Or did I just become a moderately brave feminist because it was always in my genes?

I suppose writers have always had to be brave...but keep writing. The world needs our words.

Lots of people doing horrible things have been touted as brave and noble. For example the KKK in Birth of a Nation. Our inner moral guide is not very reliable.

That's disgusting. I'm assuming corporate approves of this display.

I wonder, though, if someone was just trying to be funny. Everyone is eager to jump on the bandwagon of B&N 'taking a stand' but in reality some employee just made a display like they do everyday. And maybe he/she thought it would be funny. To me, that's the most likely scenario. Not someone 'taking a stand'.

Or they're trying to sell books.

There were dozens of books marketed as "just like Harry Potter" when the series first came out.

"This is like Harry Potter, but unproblematic" must be a good sales pitch.

And of course, the wokesters are incapable of noticing for themselves anything problematic within a book using their own minds.

Rowling had to spell it out to them that she doesn't like males invading female spaces, even after writing that Gryffindor girl dorm magically keeps boys out, and Myrtle's last words being "this is a girls' toilet!" before Tom Riddle jr. murdered her with the basilisk. (I mean, literally, the only boy to maliciously invade a girls' toilet is the big bad of the series!)

So yeah, not surprised they don't notice anything wrong with Brandon Sanderson. As long as he hasn't been cancelled on twitter, the contents of his books don't matter.

Does Sanderson have questionable things in his books? I read Mistborn a long time ago but don't really follow him.

I worked for B&N for a few years, many moons ago. Before Amazon straddled the earth. They used to be pretty conservative, especially compared to their arch rival (the now long gone) Border's Books.

Gettin' IDPOL is seen as a viable marketing tool these days. Considering what the competition's up to, probably an imperative. Individual creativity is frowned upon in big chain merchandising displays. Those are usually painstakingly designed in "planograms" in corporate marketing offices. And are expected to be followed to the letter when inspected by the District Managers. That looks like their official signage font too.

The real test would be if someone sees another one, in another store. I'd check it out at my local, but sorry: I don't willingly set foot in any retail store from now until January 15th, LOL. I dislike and don't do "Glurgemas".