Like little off handed comments/things but not too much that people straight up question you about it

Like little off handed comments/things but not too much that people straight up question you about it


My co worker tentatively asked if I thought JK Rowling was a bit unfashionable these days at which point I erupted like a terven volcano and now we have little suffragette meetings.

at which point I erupted like a terven volcano

Haha. This is marvelous.

I just went to a Harry Potter escape room yesterday... I think she still has fans!

Talk about "sex" every chance you get. "The opposite sex," "two sexes," etc.

I had to fill out an online survey the other day, and it asked me to put my gender. I wrote "my sex is female."

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I don’t look for visible signs or slogans (e.g. feminist colours or I❤️J.K.R). The place I live in is very liberal and it’s a recipe to losing your livelihood. What I look for in others to gage if they are open to GC thinking (or might already do it) is I observe their behaviour over a period of time:

1) do they avoid participating in the asking for pronouns game?

2) do they use sex instead of gender? (This one also weeds out a lot of Conservatives as they usually say, “there are only 2 genders.”)

3) do they directly mention women? The gender coolaid teaches you it’s offensive to mention the word “woman.”

4) how do they react to me doing 1-3?

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Don’t do pronoun rituals, talk about how you enjoy Harry Potter or JKR’s other books or display HP items, don’t ever say “pregnant people” use woman & mother, don’t ever say gender say sex, talk about women’s issues using the word women(I wonder if they tested that drug on women), talk about female animals (did you know female chimpanzees yadda yadda). Basically be imperceptibly or lightly feminist.

Yes, this is what I do.

I had a fab (lol) conversation with a friend of mine whose partner is a they/them lesbian. My friend is a researcher in a very male-dominated field and was talking about an upcoming expedition under pretty dire conditions. There are no accommodations for women, the men all pee in jars or in the wild, depending, there's no privacy for dealing with your period, no provision of appropriate protective clothing that fits women, etc. etc. She was explaining all this to me and we were talking about what could be done, I was telling her about Caroline Criado Perez's work and so forth. All in commen-sense language about men and women. The partner sat by saying hardly anything. At the end my friend said, "this is normal for the way my field treats women" – rolled her eyes toward her partner – and muttered "or uterus-having things".

I wanted to die laughing, or crying. They are both lovely people but the partner is very easily influenced.

I dug up my childhood/teenager HP stuff after the JKR essay lol. Now I wonder if my time turner necklace or Hogwarts scarf is making people think I'm a TERF.

Inb4 these all show up on some list for "warning signs/dog whistles of TERFs".

I actually thought about buying some 9 3/4 ear plugs (I have stretched lobes) and walking around wearing them just to openly troll people who assume I'm trans.

The more this crap goes on, the more I think about doing it. It will only piss off genderists who are into Harry Potter and get the reference, but it would be highly amusing to piss off even a small portion of TRAs.

I still blow up about women’s health care issues and refuse to use pregnant people. I’m currently pregnant and literally no one will correct me on it. I’ve also been able to talk about puberty blockers and how bad we know they are because I know a couple of women who had cancer in childhood who have been on them and are suffering the consequences in their 20s (teeth falling out, bone issues, infertility, mysterious joint pain). I also have a daughter who is somewhat gnc and is already getting the message she should be a boy and everyone thinks that’s ridiculous because she’s four (no one I know is apparently really into the young child transitioning shit). She’s a rough and tumble sweet child who likely has ADHD like me.

I talk about women’s rights a lot on my Facebook, where I’m not as open about being GC as I am in Twitter. I never ever mention trans people.

  • Recently I touched upon the recent tweets about sci fi authors, two male authors are credited with creating the sci fi genre and someone pointed out that Mary Shelley did it before they were born.

  • As a semi-response to my SIL’s post that she shared off her TIM friend’s timeline complaining about the state of “trans healthcare”, I shared an article about women being unable to get their HRT prescriptions because of a shortage of it (the TIM had complained that it took MONTHS AND MONTHS to get “HRT”).

  • VAWG posts and women’s safety. I might have shared a sport post.

It’s abundantly clear I’m very women’s rights but to my FB friends it’s somewhat clear I’m GC. Some of them have said to me I hope you’re not a TERF, you’re too nice (and I’m sure they’ve realised that by now).

not to be a downer, but the Mary Shelley thing was posted in my circles by the exact same people who always post pro-trans things. They're just the people who report whatever political and especially progressive misbehavior is going on - nuhuh uh, did you use the wrong term, fail to recognize an indigenous right, use a plastic straw, respect a cis-het white man for anything at all...

So for them it's not about women's rights in particular, but they posted about Shelley bc women are still higher on their political pyramid than HG Wells and Jules Verne. White women are a little shrug but it helps if it's in the past and/ or related to STEM, and if it's all you've got, it still counts. Of course race, identity or disability would probably be more exciting, but if it's just versus traditional white men, then they will claim to support women too...

Ya, I say flippant things at work just to make people think. One easy thing to say is, "you know, I'll get on board with gender if someone can convince me it would be beneficial". People hear that and then start trying to answer it, find that they can't and walk away thinking about it.

"The only time I feel like a woman is when a man treats me like shit."

Don't participate in the pronoun rituals. Say "sex," not gender. Talk about sex-based rights: abortion, prostitution. Don't use the new euphemisms.

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