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I’m a therapist. I would NEVER tell a parent if they don’t support their kids identify the kid will kill themselves. That’s mental. I’m horrified that that’s happening. There is ALWAYS something going on other than just “exploring identity” and I focus my sessions on that. Also, the concept of tomboys apparently doesn’t exist in middle school and high school which horrifies me into realizing how the gender cult is reinforcing gender roles. We’ve gone backwards. Send help.

Do you feel professionally safe in your therapeutic approach, or do you think you have to be stealthy about it?

I feel safe. I would never be a jerk and be like "No Christina, you are a male named James so stop calling yourself that." I do respect their pronouns as a part of rapport building. Also, I make my treatment planning clear- I help clients identify feelings, find coping skills to use when depression or anxiety symptoms present, establish strong rapport so they feel comfortable with me, and provide clinical guidance to client and family based on their goals. Some families just want to learn to communicate better and some parents have no idea what the hell is going on in schools and online.

I am real with the kids in telling them that not everyone is going to use your pronouns so we work together to cope instead of militantly wanting everyone to adapt. I also explore how trauma may cause "dysphoria" or feelings of discomfort conforming to stereotypes of gender (althoughI am not seeing actual dysphoria, honestly it is very trendy right now to be trans in middle school) and try and break those stereotypes down with them. A lot of the time the stereotypes are reinforced in the household sadly and transitioning is a way to rebel or reject the family norms. Ive seen a lot of (IF NOT MOST) the kids "detrans" after a few years which is why I am super SUPER, SUPER AGAINST GIVING THEM PUBERTY BLOCKERS. I PRAY that blockers go out of trend. Even if they "stay trans" it stunts so much mental and physical growth it blows my mind the lies that are sold with them. I do make this opinion known to parents and suggest they follow up with a pediatrician as a CYA.

TLDR I stay respectful with the kids and try and work on unpacking the source of wanting to transition instead of being blindly gender affirming

This makes me breathe a bit easier. It seems there are still safe corners in the system.

Ive seen a lot of (IF NOT MOST) the kids "detrans" after a few years

IF NOT MOST ! I was thinking this could be happening soon, but apparently it's happening already. The WaPo article said detransitioners were almost certainly a small minority and I thought huh, just wait ten years.

Tomboys was also considered somewhat temporary for a LOT of girls...a peter pan experience for girls. I'm not suggesting girls should grow up to be 1950s housewives, but a lot of growing up involves tension no longer playing or finding interest in childlike things and for girls this can be seen as a tomboy phase.

Now that I think about it, between maybe 11 and 12 i went through a sort of holding pattern. I could read adult books but I wasn't ready for them yet. I read and re-read favourites from when I was 10 or so, books that were.solely about kids and not growing up.

Here's an archive link: https://web.archive.org/web/20211125024721/https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2021/11/24/trans-kids-therapy-psychologist/

I am GOBSMACKED this was printed in the Washington Post. The tide is turning. People on the left are listening to damage done to children.

Carry on women. Keep on keeping on. We can help kids and we can make a difference for women.

This is huge. I know we keep saying "the tide is turning," but I truly believe it is. This current wave of immediate child affirmation and medicalization is unsustainable, and more professionals appear to be seeing the writing on the wall.

Loudon, that perv at the Korean spa, the number of women being raped behind bars by their male cellmates, the horrific spectacles like "Jazz Jennings" and James/Luna (TX) , the JKR "controversy"...It's taking awhile, but it is coming out and being noticed by 'normies', which will hopefully create ever more pushback.

The WaPo has a more diverse opinion page than the NYT. They may also be reading the tea leaves better--the tide is turning.

The whole premise is wrong though. "Failing trans kids" -- there are no trans kids. This is something they've created. "The Trans Trend is harming kids" would be a better headline.

One of the authors of the article said she disagreed with the headline but had no control over it.

Exactly! These kids being allowed, let alone groomed, to think they’re “trans” is the huge failure.

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I’m 87% sure we have Abigail Shrier to thank for this

Her and Helen Joyce. They are both so articulate, and come across so well in interviews.

Honestly the mental health industry is failing kids in numerous ways right now. The poison of “affirmation” has slipped into a lot of therapy sessions these days.

I'd feel more optimistic if not for the other articles promoted on the page, every one of them supporting trans ideology:

"Seeking a scientific explanation for trans identity could do more harm than good" – "The latest form of transphobia: Saying lesbians are going extinct" – "Anti-trans legislation has never been about protecting children" – "The battle over trans rights is about power, not science" – "I was a straight woman whose spouse came out as trans. It didn’t change a thing"

The WaPo editors wanted to make it absolutely clear that this essay conflicts with their more virtuous stance.

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Some of them are kind of hilarious though. I like this one:

I was a straight woman whose spouse came out as trans. It didn’t change a thing.

It sure didn't change a thing, the spouse is still as male as before he started claiming a special identity!

Seeking a scientific explanation for trans identity could do more harm than good

Using the scientific method sure will harm gender ideology because it entirely detached from it long ago!

I was rather disgusted by those promoted articles interspersed. This is a new type of article layout. Relevant articles used to be listed on the bottom or side.

It is HUGE that the WaPo published this. It's still a shitty article that makes me angry but it goes a long way in the right direction.

This article was also on Yahoo News. So hopefully more people will read it.