...those who believe that ‘identifying’ as a woman is not the same as being born a woman.

Although not the point of this thread, I think it's worth pointing out how well this is put. I think it's good to keep this definition of GC in our back pockets as it doesn't contain the usual terms that TRAs focus on. Simple put, it's not the same, and don't elaborate.

I’m at a point where I won’t even bleat “But I’m not transphobic.” Seems to me I have every reason to be.

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This is outrageous that a woman must suffer PTSD for standing up for women's rights resulting in being scapegoated and ostracized due to a lunatic ideology. I hope she gets a favorable outcome at the employment tribunal.

Her fears are founded on personal experience. She grew up in America and when she was 13, one of her teachers at a school in Texas was shot dead by a fellow pupil. Then, two years later, she was raped by two men.

She's a warrior.

To contribute to Jo’s fund go to: crowdjustice.com/case/harassed-silenced-for-my-gender-critical-views/.


I feel so sorry for Jo Phoenix, she seems like quite a sensitive person who has been deeply traumatised by all of this. And I completely understand, because i'm also highly sensitive and even just being mildly 'cancelled' by someone in a fandom group last year sent me into a depressive spiral and made me extremely paranoid. She's had her entire career jeopardised, and seems like she has ptsd over it all. This is terrorism.