To be fair, that's because there are so many more people who identify as transgender than in the past.

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In the context of prison though, there are unique incentives for men to identify as women. Laying aside the obvious attraction of getting access to captive women, women's prisons are generally less violent and security isn't as strict.

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women's prisons are generally less violent and security isn't as strict

Wait a minute- are you telling me that there are downsides to men shoving things up their butts?

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But the percent of "trans" males in prison for rape/sexual assault is approximately 4 times the percent of all other male prisoners. More "trans" males in prisons means more rapists in prisons.

And they get to go to women's prisons. Where there shouldn't be any rapists at all. (Since the legal definition of rape requires a penis in the UK; women's prisons should contain zero rapists. The occasional woman guilty of sexual assault might be sent there, but definitely never a rapist)

I can't get over the fact that anyone at all thinks it a good idea to put bepenised men in women's prisons. I can only conclude that each and every person who is in favour of modern transpolitics is evil. If that sounds harsh, well, they should have thought about that before putting rapists in women's prisons.