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ContraPoints (Nick “Natalie” Wynn)
44 % (56 votes)
Susie Green
56 % (72 votes)


I'm giving this one to Contra because he's influenced so many teenagers and people I've known personally. Every time I see a thread about trans issues on Reddit people tend to link a ContraPoints video and insist others just need to listen to him to educate themselves rather than think critically. Somehow they can spend time listening to a man waffle about gender feels for an hour, yet can't be bothered to read a 3,000 word essay by JK Rowling and try to form their own opinion about it.

Every time I see someone ask on reddit about what JKR did, someone inevitably pops up and says She-who-must-not-be-named wrote a horrible essay about trans people, and to learn more about why it's so bigoted you should watch this HOUR AND A HALF LONG video by Contrapoints.

Instead of, you know, take 10 whole minutes to read 3,000 words in the essay itself.

Contra is a creepy, misogynistic fuck. But I have to give it to Green for actually dragging her son to a foreign country to cut his balls off (and then setting up a cult to help others abuse their children)

I am voting for Susie Green here, but I'm conflicted cuz Judith Butler just won her bracket yesterday, and I'll be really pissed if a woman takes this whole thing when this is a MEN'S movement for other MEN. Women are once again accomplices and handmaidens, but they're not the leaders of this movement by a long stretch.

Can I retroactively vote for Michel Foucault, LOL?

Unfortunately Green is indeed a despicable asshole. I would be pissed off if she won the tournament, but she would deserve it.

Then again, there' s a chance that next round will be her against Richard Levine, another child-abuser who is supporting the same barbaric grossness Green supports, so he might end up eliminating her.

I'm already planning to vote for Levine, that guy pisses me off so much and to me it's so obvious he's got skeletons in is closet, yet he is failing upward like any man would do.

Yeah, me, too. I have always voted Green, but I think Levine is even more despicable than her. Which is sying something.

[–] BlackCirce [OP] 🔮🐖🐖🐖 11 points

I’m afraid if I had added M. Foucault, he would have lost with voters saying “he was an obscure academic nobody reads him he has no influence or merit” like they did for the other male academics who have been eliminated like Long Chu and Serano 😜

You know, I voted against the academics too, because I think that TRA nonsense is spread more through internet than academia. It is rife in academia, of course, but the virus propagates through celebrity worship of online personalities. If it stayed in academia and had no internet to spread, it would merely remain a class shibboleth everyone speaks to and never really believes.

I agree, very disappointed if a woman wins this. But we can’t pretend that women like Susie Green are just accomplices and handmaidens, it seems to minimise their roles and the destruction they’ve wreaked, and paint them as clueless supporters. Susie Green is a monster - she groomed and orchestrated the castration of her own son, and created a hugely influential organisation to send other children down the same path.

I guess I meant more that they are "accomplices" to upholding patriarchal values and norms, but you're right -- Susie Green deserves all the credit for what's she done to her son and for encouraging other parents to mutilate their children.

I am personally rooting for Levine to win the tournament. He's way too close to power, or rather, he's IN a position of great power, and the implications of it scare the shit out of me.

I think people are overestimating his power. The US gov't is dysfunctional at the best of times. I don't think anyone is giving Ol' Dick Levine the nuclear codes anytime soon.

Gotta go for the man on this. Susie Green is twisted and mentally ill. She also had a very homophobic husband and is creepily invested in how attractive and sexy her 'girly' son is. Makes me think she was abused and has extraordinarily low self esteem - she created a Frankenstein of her son to live through vicariously. DOCTORS and institutions should have stopped Susie. They are most at fault.

I can't hate her like I hate Nick who knows what he does and whose misogyny is cleverly hidden.

TBH, the more I consider it, I think the Admins of Reddit will probably win this entire thing. Not sure how I feel about that since they'll prob just claim Ovarit is bitter cuz we got kicked off r/GC.

Then again, I don't really give a fuck what they think!

I feel they deserve it the most. Groomed thousands (maybe more) of autistic kids into thinking they're trans.

I really do feel it’s between them and Butler tbh. As much as I don’t want a woman to win and as bitter as we all are about Reddit, I do think she is responsible for pushing so much of the “queer theory” garbage.

If it's between them and Butler, I'm voting for them. Not out of bitterness, but because I genuinely think they do more direct damage these days. Most people will never read Butler, and if they do, they will only pretend to understand her word salad because of people like those on reddit (and Tumblr) and pseudo-intellectualizing their grooming tactics. And Butler's crap only exists because of Foucault and postmodernism as a whole existing. Sure, I hate her and I think she's an idiot, but I still think reddit admins, who groom, who hire pedos and knowingly have human traffickers in high up "mod" positions, who protect wife beaters, and who protect thousands, maybe millions of files of pornography of women and children as "free speech" and not an example of extreme hatred and crimes against humanity, while labelling women who talk about having endometriosis without sucking proverbial transgirl dique as "bigoted", are more deserving of hate.

I'd accept either Reddit admins or Levine....I just don't want the women to win it, nor the idiotic YouTubers, who I think are enough of attention hogs already that they don't 'deserve' to win. :p

Tough choice. My personal opinion about Ms Green is that she actually knows she's screwed up and done terrible damage to her son. So in order to quell the rising guilt she's just got louder and louder in what she does so when the house of cards all topples she can point to a lot of other families and say "They did it too!" I think I have to vote for her.

[–] hufflepuff-poet wytch babe 9 points

Green hands down, she abused her kid and then turned her guilt into a pyramid scheme to trick other parents into abusing their kids too.

Contra is an annoying Youtube influencer and fake leftist.

[–] BlackCirce [OP] 🔮🐖🐖🐖 10 points

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🥉Admins of Reddit (bardfinn et al.) 74%
🥈Jack Turban, MD 76%
🥇Judith Butler 83%

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#23 11/23 Admins of Reddit (bardfinn et al.) vs. Mridul Wadhwa

#24 11/24 Judith Butler vs. Jack Turban, MD

#25 11/25 ContraPoints (Nick “Natalie” Wynn) vs. Susie Green ⬅️ you are here

#26 11/26 Joseph “Grace” Lavery vs. Richard "Rachel" Levine

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