But advocates argue that [gender-neutral toilets] eliminate confusion from members of the LGBTI (lesbian, bisexual, trans and or intersex communities) over going to the ‘wrong toilet’.

Why would lesbians and bisexuals be confused about which toilet to use? What disingenuous nonsense.

And the truth is there is no confusion. What we need to do is make the kids understand that bathrooms are segregated by sex, not subjective identity, and address bullying when there is.

Those boys who want to enter women's spaces are not "confused". They know that they are boys. They want to be girls (or claim they do anyways) but they know the truth.

Sure, an abysmally low number of actually intersex students might be confused. But they're not the issue. And they'll sort it out eventually.

Even then, aren't people with intersex conditions either male or female? No school bathroom ever stated that "this bathroom is for people who have just a vagina", "this one is for people who have just a penis", "if you have both, tough luck". Intersex people know themselves to be male or female (unless their parents are really uneducated and never heard about doctors, not even when the mum gave birth). If anything, what could happen to an eventual intersex kid is bullying from someone who actually caught a close glimpse of his or her genitalia. It's not a matter of "confusion", correct?

They are, but there is still room for mistakes even nowadays. A friend had a high school acquaintance who was, well, assigned boy but by the time he reached puberty he looked so much like a girl they left him the option—which he took. In that case there was indeed some confusion because the documents said male and they had a male name but this person looked pretty much unequivocally female.

That's a one in a million occurence obviously but it does happen even today. Even chromosome tests can be somewhat deceptive if the person's development goes an completely unexpected way. As I said though... Abysmally low.

Indeed the bullying would not be a matter of confusion either. At all.

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Or intersex, or gay men? The only people pretending to be “confused” about where to use the restroom are heterosexual males with fetishes

Naturally they assume that same sex orientation is just a stop on the way to becoming trans

I don't know, mate, if I want to have a wee and I rush to the public toilet, and I'm wearing trousers that day, I'll be sO cOnFuSeD by the "stick figure in a skirt" or "stick figure in trousers" symbols. Maybe if I weren't wearing trousers that wouldn't happen. Maybe I am trans after all.

Not sure if they really think that or are just pretending… in reality they treat same sex oriented people more like a human shield.

Truly the only thing worse than TW in the womens room. Gender-Neutral-Only facilities are just awful. Single stall units don’t have nearly enough toilets to accommodate a school, and multi stall gender neutral bathrooms are terrifying. Teenage boys are an absolute plague. I’m not surprised in the slightest by their behavior. I deal with teenage boys regularly and I truly cannot believe any of the teachers or headteacher thought this was a good idea. They should know by now what teenage boys of this generation are like. The immaturity isn’t astounding — it’s to be expected. Teenagd boys were never forced to grow up and feel shame for misbehavior the way girls do. So they enter spaces with entitlement and misbehave because they think they’re funny and invincible.

I’m so sorry for these girls for having to deal with this. The girls, dare I say it, just want to pee.

They know this is a bad idea. Nobody cares about girls or women at all. I'm consistently surprised by how I will relay the most horrific events that are happening to women and girls, and nobody cares. They don't even flinch.

That's the answer to all of this. Nobody cares.

I have really sad memories of missing swimming lessons at schools because we had to change in a unisex changing area (there were individual stall.) I was more chesty than the other girls, so the boys gathered round my cubicle trying to look over the top or underneath. I ended up not going anymore. Of course boys are going to torment girls.

...did you try to speak to the teachers about this ? This is horrible !!

It was a really crap school. They were overstretched and couldn't' do much about it. I also recall that general sexual harassment was not treated very seriously. There was a big 'boys will be boys' attitude.

I came here to say almost exactly what you said. Boys learn early on that they have power over girls, that girls are disgusted with their bathroom antics, and that they can embarrass and shame girls who are bleeding. Boys’ tendency to scatalogical humor and focus is well known and widespread. Why subject girls to it?

I also work with teenage boys routinely (I teach 9th and 10th grade) and I love those kids and they’re smart and well behaved, but there is still no way in hell I would ever want them using the same bathrooms as the girls.

And in Wales in 2017 or 18, there was an article about a unisex bathroom is a school there causing girls to miss school while they were menstruating so as not to be bullied by males who would "all know when the girls were on their periods". So, the end result is not unlike some stories you hear about girls in African villages where they simply don't or can't go to school on those days, and are cut out of education as a result of being penalized by their female physiology. Except it happened in fucking Wales. And it will continue to happen in first world countries until this kind of shit is reversed and consequences are dolled out for the people who made it possible. Unless these countries are prepared for a huge deficit in educate females, but with an economy that is less and less able to function on only half the population working, that's really sowing their own destruction.

"Several girls at Kelso High School refuse to use the neutral toilets, going several days without a toilet visit, with risks to their health that accompany that and with some choosing to go elsewhere if they are lucky enough to have that alternative." The urinary leash is back. My, how quaint and nostalgic.

If kids en mass organized walkouts for climate change, then girls can organize a massive walk-out/boycott of education until this is fixed for them. Education is not accessible to female students unless separation of sensitive facilities and programs is provided.

"If kids en mass organized walkouts for climate change"

Did they though? Or were those organized, encouraged and approved by teachers/parents/etc. Walkouts for climate change were not anti establishment, on the contrary.

Will girls (be allowed to) do a walkout for this cause? Let's hope so.

Ok, this was some years ago, maybe 10?, but I got to enjoy a bunch of frat boys at one of the most prestigious universities in the world march and chant “No Means Yes! Yes Means Anal!” around the streets.

So. I think I see a pattern. What made the schools think that their little Nigels would be gentleman?


Maybe for them, it does. Maybe they are open to being anally penetrated while saying "no".

Oh, what's that? Subjecting men to that is horrific? But it's all good fun when it's women who are the targets.

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That chant pretty much sums up male sexuality, there is never enough for them

The everyday, tolerant and accepting third wave women have no idea of the shitshow that they have unleashed by welcoming giving away “womanhood” to TIMS.

This is only the beginning of all of it unraveling.


There are plenty of studies and now we even get to see it in action, and it is worse than I would have thought. Pissing into the sanitary bins?? Only dudes would. Only them.

When I was in primary school the older boys used to have a competition to see who could piss the furthest up the wall and because there was a gap between the top of the wall and the roof they inevitably went over the wall and onto the ground outside. That continued until a teacher was hit.

One of my earliest memories from preschool is of a little boy standing in front of the toilet with his pants around his ankles and hands on hips while his penis sprayed piss everywhere except for the toilet bowl. The bathroom in my preschool was in the same room as our backpack cubbies and there were 10-12 stalls along the wall with no doors.

Another cover-up in order to appease a political agenda.

I think of the New Hampshire high school, where court system and school administration, agreed to let teenage TIMs play in girls sports. They were very forward thinking, and had built 4 stalls for any TIMs that were there, feel comfortable. When the decision came down, the teenage TIMs said the stalls "Othered Them."

After what happened at Loudoun, how can these administrative not understand what comes with puberties for teenage boys.