Any form of campaigning for, or asserting, the sex-based rights of women would become a criminal act.

Just delete the last 100 years of women's struggle for our own toilets, privacy, and safety.

Out of nowhere, male sexual fetish becomes supreme in ALL areas, not just entertainment, advertising, and fashion. It eradicates speech and physical safety.

Why are not MEN standing up against this shit??? Not EVERY man is a pervy sicko. A lot of men are content with sex with their wives, NOT wearing things designed for women, NOT spending all day online looking at porn fetishes, and NOT ok with having strange men anywhere near "their" females: wives, daughters, mothers, etc.

Grateful to The Post Millennial for stating facts here:

Autogynephiliac men, who derive erotic satisfaction from dressing and behaving like their submissive and hyper-sexualized idea of a woman, were granted access to women's transition houses and other single-sex services.

Any woman who objected to the blatant injustice of this was silenced by the same legislation, and compelled to refer to those men as "she."

The legislation is an abuser's charter that disturbed men can use to coerce and dominate women, socially and psychologically.

Is Wokebro Trudeau all over this bill, praising it for protecting these "vulnerable" men?

I suppose that man Billboard Chris will be jailed indefinitely?

Isn't Canada largely a nation of recent immigrants at this point? Am I to believe they are all on board with this insanity?

Our media refuse to cover it. Most people who aren’t plugged in to these issues simply have no clue.

Why are not MEN standing up against this shit??? Not EVERY man is a pervy sicko. A lot of men are content with sex with their wives, NOT wearing things designed for women, NOT spending all day online looking at porn fetishes, and NOT ok with having strange men anywhere near "their" females: wives, daughters, mothers, etc.

There are a lot of men who are against this shit when they find out, even if it isn't high stakes for them personally, it does effect their family and friends and whatnot. Not to mention there is the whole "basic decency" which at least a few men still have a shred of. But the issue is that on this topic, men, and frankly, everyone, is ignorant. The media won't touch women's rights unless it's women in Afghanistan. Women here are being stripped of the same rights in some cases that women in Afghanistan are losing (freedom of expression, freedom to self-advocate), but the media won't touch it because there is clearly a moratorium on this topic. Nothing to make the Holy Male Supremacist religion look bad, right? Wouldn't want to make them look bad and put a ding in their profits, would we? So the media is practicing censorship by omission, and it's very effective. The only trans-critical thing I saw recently was a W5 report on CTV about how training kids might be bad (but maybe there are exceptions), there's never any mention in mainstream media about male rapists in female prisons, and basically nothing about the decimation of female sports, or the lesbian community being eradicated to make room for male fetishists instead. Whenever people I meet in real life find out about males in female prisons, they are disgusted and horrified, but they are all also surprised, because the information is being deliberately suppressed. If we want to maintain our freedoms that our foremothers fought and died for, we need to disseminate the information that TRAs are desperate to hide from the public. We should also embark on a massive letter-writing campaign to as many people and organizations as possible. Politicians, companies, media, charities, and so on. Maybe it won't help but neither will doing nothing. I'm thinking I'm gonna go buy some stamps and envelopes.

[–] bellatrixbells No flair. 🙁 15 points

It appears a great deal of recent immigrants don't really give much of a shit about politics if it doesn't involve their group specifically. In Quebec a shitton of them are only concerned with trying to force us to speak English in the name of their their "civil rights" or accomodate their religion. I don't know what they do in the ROC, but I'm sure those who come from the most misogynistic countries wouldn't exactly be against women getting stripped of our right to speak up for ourselves.

I personally know Muslims whose priority when voting is which party is less inclined to protect LGB rights. I know some who say LGB representation in media should be forbidden because it "gives kids ideas".

As for this Trudeau idiot, do you know Sophie ? She completely lives through him. The guy has a low key Stepford wife at home, and he's a massive hypocrite only interested in power. His father was an asshole, but he was highly intelligent and had actual ideas and a point in life. Trudeau kickstarted his political career with a pathetic speech at his funeral and that's about the gist of it.

That was a completely incoherent rant but I'm really sick of this shit and this article exhausted me. I've always been exhausted by politicians but the woke dopes at the 24 and the WH are the fucking worst right now. Plus they always sound like they're speaking to mentally retarded children.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 5 points Edited

I personally know Muslims whose priority when voting is which party is less inclined to protect LGB rights.

Reminds me of Barack Obama's half brother who is actually Muslim, and who said at some point that if he was American he'd vote for Trump. Because of the gay rights issue. Even though Trump was openly against even letting someone like him into the country.

But for some people apparently their own hatred of someone else trumps (no pun intended) their own interests.

[–] bellatrixbells No flair. 🙁 7 points

Amen. That or they think it outrageous when they get discriminated against, but love to shit on others. I'm still not over my old black colleague who kept going on about BLM but thought it was hilarious that gays were getting chased by mobs. 🤦🏼‍♀️

He was not qualified to be in the position he is. It was just a matter of desperation at the time, and sheer incompetence of the entire political scene in the recent election. What a shit show all around.

He was elected because he had the brand name 'Trudeau', and politically they're kinda the closest thing Canada has to the Kennedys, I think people wanted the glamour of a political dynasty, plus, yeah, the other candidates weren't great, what with Layton having died. I wouldn't have minded May as PM, but people wouldn't vote for Green, and even if they were willing, would the vote for a woman? The only time we had a female PM was through her being placed there, not elected ...and that lasted all of, what, five months?

Oh and yeah, totally unqualified: he's a drama teacher, for goodness sake, a middle school drama teacher. It's literally only his father's popularity that got him elected. He's still riding the "Trudeaumania" wave of the 60s/70s.

I know some who say LGB representation in media should be forbidden because it "gives kids ideas".

I can't believe there are still people who think "you're attracted to other women? You must have been inspired by something you saw in a movie."

I know Trudeau is an embarrassing Wokebro but no, I didn't know about Sophie. I guess if she's a Stepford Wife, at least she isn't putting ideas in his head like BoJo's Carrie in the UK? Like his own female Wormtongue!

I do NOT understand why Wokebro Trudeau was reelected. I can't believe his Wokecrap is mainstream. In the media and academia yes, but among average people? The dude got caught in blackface! He literally bows down to Islam. He has those stupid socks and says shit like "we prefer PEOPLE-kind" -- I don't know how he was elected the first time around. I DO know that all over the USA women (always women....makes me sad) went on and on about how "good looking" he is (if you like Fidel Castro's face) and how they wished the USA had someone like him. (We have Gavin Newsom if you like that "men belong in women's prisons" crap!)

Is "PEOPLE-kind" meant to be instead of "mankind"? Why not just say "humankind"? That's literally already a word and something people say. "Peoplekind" just sounds dumb and ham-fisted. Dude's an idiot.

Gavin Newsom also vetoed a law that would have allowed for paid maternity leave (short term disability) to be paid at a 90% of the salary instead of a the current 60%. The frustrating thing is that they have the numbers to overturn his veto in the state senate but they just don't do it. So he randomly vetoes good and popular legislation that will help women. Let that sink in.

We were desperate after honorary US citizen Harper selling us out. And this election was just a mess.

The conservatives lost their mind and seem to have some type of obsession with only shit talking the liberals as a campaign strategy(meanwhile still very visibly in someone's pocket, what did they promise you to go after teacher Ford??), Quebec lost their minds too, NDP is trying to do an abolish policy woke crazy, also talking about the ultra rich(this ain't America chief,most rich people don't want to love here cuz of our taxes but that's for another day). The Green party is as always never winning shit, but also sold out to the trans agenda in a massive way so fuck em.

It was literally a case of every choice is a shit choice, people barely voted and those who did just voted liberal because they thought. I honestly think politics have become garbage in recent years here to the point where this polarizing and dissent feels intentional. It's really a breakdown of our democratic system. The incompetency is unreal.

[–] bellatrixbells No flair. 🙁 2 points

Their relationship is a bit creepy IMO. I don't know if she's putting ideas in his head but in a way maybe. She seems like the traditional kind of thinker who has in mind that the best way for a woman to have some power is to find a powerful man to control. At the same time she also often sounds pretty stupid so who knows ?

I'm sad about Sophie, I was wondering if writing to her would do anything, but it sounds like a waste of time. She seems kind of like she wouldn't care what happens to women and children as long as nothing bad happens to her personally, or her kids.

uh, the law doesn't say any such thing. I've actually read it. I'm not entirely happy about it, but you have to advocate "breach of public order" - much more likely to snag the TRAs. It also explicitly stays that it doesn't covered hurt fee-fees, and remember, Canada enumerates sex as a protected characteristic.

Also, only one person in the entire country can OK any charge.

The right-wing, that is, the PostMillenial's bedmates, hate the original law against calling for genocide because Joos. This bill merely extends the law against calling for genocide to include calling for assault.

Good, I'm glad it's not as insane as all that. The Post Millennial is not a reliable news source (I'm not under any kind of delusions that they are our friends, they are not), but I am appalled all the same at how many laws or policies are enacted that straight-up blatantly violate our Charter, and no one notices because of the media black-out. And the the only media that's isn't backing it out is the far-right "rebel news"-esque types that I don't trust either. So in the end I trust no media, so frustrating. I keep seeing stuff on TV about how we live in a "port-truth" world and the news casters make sad faces about it, and I think, "Okay??? So do something!" But I guess they are just paid talking heads and would lose their jobs if they reported on stuff that would jeopardize the trans $$$ pipeline. It sucks big time. I've lost so much respect for the CBC, for example (yeah, they weren't perfect before, but I still trusted them a lot more before I was tuned into this than I do now).

I do find a lot of misrepresentation, but I don't think there's a lot of money involved here... more like institutional capture. And I don't think everyone is comfortable, the tide will turn

Thing is, I've known trans people since I was a kid... they were never the problem. They are just being used by queer theorists and wokebros.

Every time I hear "trans pipeline" I think for a moment that it's a TRA thing, and wow their P.R. is so good. Lesbians never got a pipeline.

so what does it say exactly? If it tries to protect both gender identity and sex, does it define what that means at any point ? Is there precedent that clarifies what might actually happen? Would an article that explained Yaniv's story potentially be hate speech, for instance?

It seems like a lot of these things are already socially taboo so that the media just stays away - if the line were drawn more stringently with websites blocked or fines demanded of those who tried to keep spreading information, it might make it even harder to have any open dialogue

it doesn't have to protect either. The original only says it's an offence to call for genocide. Now it says its an offence to call for physical attacks... basically it extends the protections individuals have against actual threats to identifiable groups, such as women, gays, etc. Being as the folks making the violent threats tend to be the TRAs, I'm not sure they're gonna be happy about this law.

"In a speech in June 2021 Lametti said, "The bill would also establish a tool for those who fear, on reasonable grounds, that another person will commit a hate crime or hate propaganda offense. These individuals would be able to seek a court ordered peace bond with the consent of the Attorney General to prevent those crimes from occurring."

So there we have it, readers. The "pre-crime" of dystopian fiction is on its way to Canada."

This pre-crime angle is especially chilling. This, right here, is exactly why every society REQUIRES robust free speech protections.

Wouldn't want to see any suffragette ribbons!!!!! Time to search every single feminist's house and imprison her for owning a printer that might theoretically print feminist propaganda pamphlets 😱

I'm very glad I don't live in Canada. As an ex-seamstress I have a huge box of ribbons, some of which are green, white and purple.

Pre-crime.... a la 'The Minority Report' by Phillip K. Dick.

This is straight out of a dystopian sci-fi.

I didn’t even catch that!!!!

How is it worse than I thought


[–] EllaRoxy 8 points Edited

My God it's becoming the actual Handmaid's Tale. This is scary. This shit makes me want to go right back into the closet. I could do spinster pretty well at this point I already have the cats and I'm learning to crochet. LOL. FYI I don't actually believe in the spinster stereotype but I might be able to fool a bunch of stupid men. Edited to say: It will come to the USA if things don't change.

Cat’s and crochet don’t make you a spinster, it makes you awesome!!

[–] [Deleted] 51 points Edited

This is what they want, TiMs. To remove women's ability to name themselves and their abusers. I fear for all Western countries adopting this ideology...crime against women will skyrocket, droves of children and teens sterilized and mutilated, AGPS and all male predators will destroy all female spaces further until we are forced to stay indoors or go underground. Unable to report them, forced to abide by rapists fetish to be called female further enforcing control over their victims, having males in spaces for vulnerable women...

I'm so livid that these disgusting, porn-sick, fetishistic, LARPing perverted moids literally getting laws made to feed into their fetish and making it easier for them to invade women's spaces and abuse us for their entertainment and hurting children for their sick cult. A generation of children confused and mutilated, full of illnesses and severe complicated mental illness, lesbian spaces destroyed....I despise TiMs they are the worse male to walk the face of this planet.

I despise TiMs they are the worse male to walk the face of this planet.

Same. They want to keep calling us "man haters," but resentment is a sane, rational response toward people who are abusing you.

Yes. They are absolute scum and not fit to be allowed in any decent or even halfway decent society.

Who does Canada have fighting this? There are many prominent feminist women fighting in the UK and the LGBAlliance now, U.S. has WoLF and their own branch of LGBAlliance and now people like Richard Dawkins speaking out. But I don't think I have ever seen a name or an organization associated with Canada. Who is fighting this, and how can we help?

[–] [Deleted] 41 points Edited

This place is insane, wtf. US has got nothing on us, this place is a shithole.

Edit: This isn't even the first time they've proposed a big brother internet bill. But this would make it impactful on regular day to day life. B'C already lost the plot and giving extra jail time to women misgendering in prison. Fuckers have even said it's a human rights violation....but men in women's prisons isn't apparently. I can't stand this world sometimes.

Fuckers have even said it's a human rights violation....but men in women's prisons isn't apparently.


We know who counts as human

Canada will pass any law just to show the rest of the world how woke it is. Australia isn't much different.

[–] [Deleted] 17 points Edited

Didn't Australia have that law where you can't talk about a victim's rape, to the point they prosecuted women who spoke about their own assaults? Amongst other things.

"These amendments would apply to public communications by individual users on the Internet, including on social media, on personal websites, and in mass emails. For example, they would apply to an individual publishing a blog or posting on a social media platform. They would also apply to operators of websites that primarily publish their own content but also publish comments by users and visitors, including in articles on online newspapers and in user comment sections."

This is absolutely insane.

So, I guess I'm gonna have to invest in a VPN to be able to continue to use this site, huh? Men can view all the hateful, vile, violent, pornography they want, they can watch snuff films if they want, they can watch gang rapes, and so on, but I can't discuss the lived reality of being a female human being under male supremacy and the ire of male sexual terrorism (which is what transgenderism is) without being a criminal? I hate this country so fucking much, so, so, soooooo fucking much. It is pitiful, disgusting, how bullshit talking heads will come on the news here and bemoan what is happening to women in Afghanistan under the Taliban while ignoring what is happening to women on our own doorstep under the Traniban. I feel like the Canadian government and the Taliban should be getting along great given their shared vitriolic hatred of women and female children (and children in general). Why on earth is Canada even bothering to condemn the Taliban, hell, why not bring their leaders over here for a government workshop on how to suppress all female freedom of movement and wrong think? Come to think of it, maybe they have done just that already and this is the result!

[–] [Deleted] 25 points Edited

Exactly. Speech becomes an issue only when women are the ones speaking. Violence and evil are a okay as long as it's men doing it. But call someone what they are and you're a Judas to the world. Fuck this shit.

I'm wondering if it will go through, this is not the first time or the last they've pushed for control over Internet speech. It really makes me think all of this shit is a front for something else. Who's pushing for this really? It's been years and they approach it with different arguments, but always about policing speech on the internet. Interestingly not criminal activity such as violent porn use, or grooming, but speech.

Holy shit. To think I idolized Canada so much.

Canada's entire identity is based on being "nice". Pushed to the extreme, "nice" means never saying no, because no = mean. It's a toddler's view of what it means to be a good person.

Believe me this place is shit, as anti self defense as you can get imo.

And everything is expensive too lol

And actually has terrible healthcare. Not because it’s public - it was good when it was properly funded. Because conservatives have eviscerated it. Like they did long term care. Murderous profiteers.

[–] Tabitha_Tuesday 10 points Edited

I haven't idolized Canada since June 2017 when it legalized compelled speech in Bill C-16

I think I didn't ever knew with GC was in 2017. Scary to see from outside Canada how all this has been happening over there for a while.

Ugh, fuck this country. Our beliefs should be protected, especially since our 'beliefs' are facts based in reality. Canada will soon become even more of a male supremacists' paradise, with all that that entails: pedophilia, rape, voyeurism, severe female oppression.

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