There was a comment by an AGP on a (now deleted) Mumsnet thread that gave me a lightbulb moment; he was arguing that women are AGPs when we get dressed and stand in front of a mirror. According to him, women get a frisson from dressing as women in feminine clothing. And I suddenly 'got it' in a way I hadn't before; they tell themselves 'this is what women do' so that when they do it, it makes the pretense more realistic.

Maybe this is why they get so angry with us online? They can't control our responses as easily as they can when we talk face to face. Its easier for us to be bolshy and put unwanted ideas into their heads. They dont get as much useable material from us, especially as they can't see us.

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As Ray Blanchard points out, vanishingly few women struggle with unwanted genital arousal every time they put on women's garments, whereas this is a common woe for AGPs. I’m willing to entertain the proposition that a minority of females have sexual paraphilias that to a degree mimic AGP—ironically enough, this seems to occur in some trans-identified females—but I think that female (pseudo-)AGP never fully operates like male AGP, and it’s certainly not standard female sexuality.

Yeah, I remember some crazy TIM on Reddit asking if masculine women get off to wearing boxer shorts (wtf). That's when I started to understand the level of depravity here.