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Predatory, abusive, and/or dangerous covers an extremely wide band of behaviors and attitudes. Unless you're looking for general feelings, you're not really going to get a clear picture of say, "What percentage of AGP do you think will commit a sexual crime in his lifetime?"

The idea behind AGP is predatory. It's fetishizing. It's pornified. The ideologies that support AGP are by their nature gaslighting and belittling women. Is autogynephelia itself dangerous? It's dangerous in the way it enables those with extreme fetishes to erodes women's sex protected rights. It's dangerous to the protection of women and children.

Even if you don't think each and every autogynephile is specifically committing crimes, autogynephilia as a paraphilia is inherently harmful in that it fetishizes a marginalized group and wears their oppression as a costume, further degrading them. How many are predatory, abusive, and/or dangerous? All of them. They're autogynephiles. It comes with the territory. Will they all break the law or commit crimes against specific individuals? Probably not, but they will at significantly higher rates than the rest of the male population without paraphilias.