Ah yes, "an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes".

This raises the question of what's "abusive" or "dangerous" and how. For example I've read about men who transitioned after feeling envious of their female partners for being pregnant. I'd imagine having a dad who's jealous of mom on the basis of her fundamental biology can't not be harmful, in no way can that not affect how the parents parent the child and how the father relates to the kid, but I also don't know the dynamics involved. Maybe the kid has two moms and that's that, but under the circumstances I kind of doubt it. I'm particularly worried for that kid on all sorts of levels if she's female.

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I can't imagine finding pregnant me erotic, what with my constant farting, hemorrhoids, and shoving my face full of food all day. My husband thought it was cute, but I was carrying his child. These people are so bizarre.